Imagine working all your life and then in your senior years the only option for retirement is living in a park. When we recorded this interview,  Dennis was a few months shy of turning 60 years-old and had been experiencing homelessness for a little less than 5 months.

Dennis said, “I used to make fun of the homeless until I became one”, which should stand out as a reminder to all of us that homelessness can happen to anyone.

A divorce changed his living situation. Dennis then developed health issues and stayed in a board and care until the high cost forced him to transition to a winter shelter program. When the winter shelter closed, Dennis had no other options except to sleep outside.

We have a “Silver Tsunami” coming.  Boomer generation is now entering into what should be their comfortable retirement years. Instead, because this last recession wiped out a lot more than hopes and dreams, seniors will enter into homelessness at an alarming rate.

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Mama D
  • BBCC

    I’m sorry what happened to you Dennis. I hope everything works out, and your wishes come true.

  • jenn & keida

    We enjoyed your story and it was inspiring to us and we hope your life gets better in the long run.

  • jenn and keida

    Sorry, this was placed under the wrong person. Please delete.

  • llama

    coco pop

  • JSDS

    It is a shame that such a kind man has been cast aside in today’s society when money and wealth can flow like water! Even with the hoards of currency hidden within plastic cards used to treat us like royals, we seem to be incapable of sharing a small bit of our treasure trove with our friend Dennis. Dennis is a good man and is willing to work by with his disability and age he cannot provide for himself sufficently. Though beaten by the savage world around him, Dennis proves inspirational to us by battling the elements and the economy.

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