Francisco is homeless in San Francisco.  He was in a shelter for a year and a half, but didn’t feel safe sleeping there.  Francisco decided to try and night outside, which has now turned into six months. He views sleeping outside compared to a shelter the lessor of two evils.

Francisco was incarcerated years ago, and he says the difference there is he committed a crime. Although most every shelter is doing the best they can,  providing dignity to people is often missing! We must do better!

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  • benny

    Dear Francisco,
    Hi i just wanted to that you have an amazing story and the fact that your trying to get right and get off drugs is great because not everybody wants to acknowledge their problem and take control. Also i just wanted to say that before you try and do anything make sure that God is your number 1 priority and that you have a relationship with God. Lastly i love your 3 wishes.

  • NM WD

    Hearing Francisco’s story was very touching. I feel as though he is sincere because he realizes mistakes and wants to change. It shows a sense of responsibility. It was very eye-opening to see a real person go from doing well to being homeless. I hope one day his wishes come true.

  • TJL

    I hope you actually achieve your goals and be with positive people that motivate you. That in the future you can be with your grandchildren and spend time together. We thank you for sharing your story. You have opened our eyes about what we thought of homeless people

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