The majority of homeless people I know, if you saw them walking down the street, you’d never even suspect that they are experiencing homelessness. Kathryn is one of them.  When we were first introduced I actually thought she may be a staff person.

I met Kathryn on Skid Row. She came to the Los Angeles Mission from Las Vegas for their women’s recovery program. Kathryn says on Skid Row you see a lot of misfortune people and it’s very sad.

Kathryn ended up on the streets after losing a job. She tried working while being homeless, and that never seemed to work out. Kathryn relocated to LA because of the resources, and she says she sees food everywhere!

Special thanks to the LA Mission

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  • a2phil

    Now try to be homeless and a convicted felon and finding/keeping a job…

    I wonder if being a felon could be considered a disability i.e. for Social Security???

  • Tom

    Homeless at age 12 in Balboa Pk sleeping across the Police station in the tree grove. Still went to school had clothes washed by my buddys mother at their house. Very lonely especially at Christmas and Thanksgiving time. Ate at shelter then backto my sleeping bag at Balboa park. terrible terrible – I used to envy my friends who at least had a bed and a home.

  • BN

    Where do you live?

  • BN

    Tom – I’m very sorry to hear this.

  • a2phil

    Michigan, south of Jackson

  • bjhl

    any story of homelessness is sad and every person has a story that story is what makes them stand out from every other homeless person. Kathryn’s story makes me think twice about walking past a homeless person again without saying something to them. good luck to every person out there who is homeless and I hope someone will care enough to help you.

  • laverne

    People dont care!!! This is the”ME” era!!!

  • laverne

    That house u own, u didnt get by yourself!!

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