Three years ago Randy walked out of a relationship and has been living outside homeless ever since.  Syracuse winter’s are bitter cold, and this winter has been one of the worst. No one should be without adequate housing , especially in extreme climates.

Randy’s hand is frostbitten. When he talked about the black falling off my heart stopped. I can’t even imagine the fear and powerlessness Randy must feel.

I happened to be with John Tumino, who runs a local ministry reaching out to chronic homeless people, and John told me he had taken Randy to an emergency room in the recent past. Sadly, frostbite is not the worst of Randy’s health issues. He has a serious heart condition, yet the first he can get in to see a doctor is over a month and a half away.

Randy survives by recycling and panhandling. He told me he was recently arrested for panhandling and given 30 days in jail.  Criminalization of homelessness is on the rise and it’s also the most expensive way to deal with our homeless crisis.  If your community supports passing laws that put homeless people in jail, just open your bank account up to pay more taxes. Plus, after jail people are just placed back on the streets so the problem gets worse not better!

Special thanks to In My Father’s Kitchen

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  • Leechar


  • Leechar

    what is it like being homeless

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  • MSBB

    Randy I am deeply sorry for you to be on the street. I do feel you could of done more though, your a grown man, you could of did more with your life to prevent you from being in your situation. But no one deserves to be on the streets so I wish you the best, and hope you find a home and get your ducks in a row.

  • llama

    homeless have earth so they arent homeless

  • llama

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  • LHCM

    Randy, I want you to know that I am deeply sorry for you. I know these circumstances are not your fault, and you are doing the best your can with your situation and health. I know that you can get yourself healthier, and get yourself a job, and become a good man. I also am sure that your fiend is doing good, and that everything will be okay. God Bless.

  • jlrc

    I was touched by your story; I hope that you find the apartment that you want, and people helping you. hopefully you feel better and find a good home. I have respect for how you live out on the streets by recycling. I hope you’re doing great and your friend.

  • person

    i feel sorry for Randy

  • anon hardworking american

    Welcome to america were the criminal elite run the joint raking in millions and not giving a dam about the poor. I am so sick of this country not helping it own by that i mean government. not the people who try to help the homeless or their fellow man, they deserve all the support we can offer. i help as much as i can in my area and think we all should try to help our fellow Americans the best we can given our own situation. So to all you who help-be proud of yourselves as its easier to look the other way. Taking it upon ourselfs to act, well its the only way it will get done.

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