Tammy has been “jumped” twice by kids and adults going on a rampage setting fires and abusing homeless people, but that’s not the least of her worries. She has lived in the tent you see behind her for a few years and soon the city will be bulldozing the land because of new construction.

For Tammy, even with the dangers she feels safer living in a tent community than at a shelter.  She calls the community her family and in many ways they become one.

I was with an outreach team in Columbus, Ohio checking on all the “campers” to see if everyone had any needs and to place people on a housing list. Their goal is to get everyone the support they need before the tent community is eradicated.  I hope and pray Tammy makes it into a housing program.


Special thanks to Maryhaven

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  • KiKi

    Tammy, my <3 (heart) goes out 2 u. Not sure how u became homeless but I have a ton of clothes, blankets, toiletries, and would love to send your furry companion food & toys. I'll figure out how 2 get these items to you. Please make a list of other items that you or how you so loving referred to your neighbors as "family" & I will figure out through this website how to get these goodies to you. Of all the people I've read about thus far, you've touched my heart. Please let me know if you or other family members have children, their ages, height & weight. We are always giving my granddaughters clothes away that she's outgrown & I'm sure I could round uo some boys clothes & school supplies. God Bless You & keep you safe.

  • rabbit

    hi tammy my wife and i are homeless in the state of ill.we too have been living in a tent for 2 years thinking about moving there what do u think?

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