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Currently working in Central NY with Syracuse Rescue Mission

The month of January I will be in Central NY. If you are in or around the area please contact me. Looking for stories throughout the area and love to network and make new friends.

Rescue Mission Presents Central New York Premiere of @Home Documentary Film

 November 22 at 7:30pm. The Palace Theatre, 2384 James St. Syracuse, NY.
Admission is free with a food or clothing donation.

Staring Aug 27th, 2013

Road Trip to Fight Youth Homelessness with Virgin Mobile, Sevenly and Ford


We generate 6.5 – 10 million social media impressions per week

Invisible People connects people to the face of homelessness in a direct and meaningful way that humanizes the subject and builds empathy in the viewer. This is way more important and impactful than simple awareness and has caused communities to rethink their policies on homelessness. We have traveled to over a hundred cities in six different countries empowering our homeless friends to have a voice while sharing the stories of people who are giving their all to end homelessness. For more information email: info [at] invisiblepeople [dot] tv

Invisible People UK Tour 2012

*** UPDATE:  homeless services in London has asked Invisible People to return to help develop ways for homeless people to connect with services via social media. I will be back in London Nov 22nd to Dec 4th.

The first signs of a serious homelessness crisis in England’s towns and cities are emerging, with increases in rough sleeping, street drinking, crime and antisocial behavior as a result of swingeing cuts to hostel and housing services. Charities have warned that official figures showing a 14% rise in people classed as homeless are just the “tip of the iceberg”, because they fail to capture huge numbers who have been displaced from their home and are living with friends, in hostels or on the streets. For 10 days early July Invisible People will tour the UK helping homeless people and homeless services tell their story.

*** Yesterday BBC reported rough sleeping is up 43% in London.

I will be meeting with service providers and meeting homeless friends on the streets of London 2-4 July, in Chippenham 5 July, and back in London 7-10 July. More information here.

*** UPDATE: The Invisible People UK was a huge success. In only a week’s time videos posted reached over 200k views creating over 1,000 comments on 14 blogs. One post on Reddit 367 comments started a health conversation about welfare in UK. Guardian documented our visit here.

Huffington Post UK featured two posts highlighting homeless services:

Richard Burdett From the Pavement on Homelessness in the UK

Rural Homelessness in the UK: Interview With Lisa Lewis From Doorway

Huffington Post Impact four posts highlighting London’s homeless services:

Streetwise Opera at Royal Opera House Made Olympic History

The Homeless Services Executive Who Connects With Rough Sleepers Over Twitter

Adventures of a Once Homeless Girl: Nadia Gomos

Treating Homeless People as Consumers: Interview with Howard Sinclair and Paul Wilson from Broadway Homeless Charity

Very special thanks to British Airways and all the private donors who helped make this trip happen. Looks like we may be returning in November by request of homeless services in London. International Road Trip 2011

UPDATE: The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, championed by Invisible People road trip, has now been officially launched. road trip keeps getting bigger continuing to be a catalyst for change in the fight against homelessness. Communities have rallied to house people experiencing homelessness and others have created housing programs, a farmer donated land that is now being used to help feed low-income families , and miracles that cannot be explained continue to happen. Last year,  YouTube allowed to curate their homepage for a day that one day resulted in 1.6 million people touching homelessness that would have never rolled down their window at an exit ramp.

Thanks to Calgary Homeless Foundation and Community Action Committee goes international traveling extensively throughout Canada. The road trip then returns to United States and continues from Maine through the Midwest and back to Southern California. For more information on the road trip click here for the press release.

This year our friends at Pierce Family Foundation have donated a $10,000 matching grant. That means that every dollar donated will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000. Your donations will immediately double resulting in more impact to fight homelessness. Our friends at Razoo created this website for online donations and for you to “ride along” on the road trip. The site includes a live “Dash Cam” and real-time Google map so it’s almost like you are in the passenger seat. Make sure to bookmark and visit often as we travel Canada and the United States.


2011 Road Trip Sponsors

please say thanks to all who helped make this trip happen Road Trip 2010

On any given night, over one million people sleep without a home to call their own. In the past year, homelessness in America has snowballed into a full-fledged crisis. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 80 percent of individuals and 90 percent of families are homeless due to economic reasons. Community-based homeless service organizations from California to Massachusetts are reporting sharp increases in demand. In many communities, there are not enough shelter beds to meet the need, contributing to the growth of tent cities and the transformation of motels into temporary homeless shelters.

The experience of being displaced and without a home is devastating. The experience of living in a shelter, on the streets, or in a tent city is humbling. And the experience of sharing one’s story is powerful. For those less impacted by the economic downturn, the experience of coming face-to-face with people who are often shunned by society is both eye-opening and deeply moving. Road Trip 2010 Calendar

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Invisiblepeople.Tv Visits The Deadly Terrain Of Alaska

The following video is from my most recent trip to Alaska. Read more here

On March 1-3, 2010, I will visit Anchorage, Alaska to capture the stories of the people who live their lives in the streets. will spend time in the city’s homeless camps, where more than a dozen people died in 2009, videotaping the personal stories of those living without a home in “The Last Frontier”.’s trip to Alaska is being sponsored by a generous donation fromHertz Car Rental and other caring individuals.


Press Release Headed to Alaska

The following is from 2009’s Road Trip. We are working on a 2010 Road Trip along with a new and improved website. Road Trip U.S.A.
This summer, is traveling across America to capture the stories of people without a home. By visiting tent cities, motels, and other modern-day accommodations for people without a home, this tour will unearth the modern-day realities of homelessness while providing a venue for “invisible” people to tell their story, raw and unedited.



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