Elijah Alfred “NatureBoy” Alexander, Jr.

There are many times that I’ll meet a person on the street who says that they prefer the streets, insisting they are there by choice. Usually, though, I can see the look in their eye; […]

Elijah Alfred “NatureBoy” Alexander, Jr.

There are many times that I’ll meet a person on the street who says that they prefer the streets, insisting they are there by choice. Usually, though, I can see the look in their eye; I can tell they don’t mean it. I believe it’s a defense mechanism to rationalize the trauma one goes through when they don’t have a home.

But that’s not to say this is true for everyone. There are those rare – and yes, I believe they’re rare – occasions when I’ll meet someone who is on the streets by choice. Elijah Alfred Alexander, Jr. falls into this latter category. He goes by “Nature Boy” and says he is not homeless, just ‘houseless.’

Elijah says he was a Baptist preacher in the 1970s. He said that since Jesus was a wandering messenger, he decided to become a wanderer. And wander he does. I met him across the street from the White House in Washington, D.C.. I still laugh because despite his skimpy attire, he still carries business cards with his personal website.

Mental illness? Or just following his heart? Either way, I like to think that Elijah is truly a unique guy who has decided to follow a different path.

Elijah goes by 'Nature Boy' and says he is not homeless, just ‘houseless.’ Click To Tweet


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  • RogCat

    Elijah is my friend, forever. I welcome him at the AOC (Assembly of the Coventant, Group) often to exchange views of the Words and Ways of God.

  • mounts

    i was in washington d.c in march 2010. my daughter and i were on way 2 c the white house and i seen him sitting on the bench,and i couldnt help but look on the way back i asked him if i could take his pic and he agreed.i told him he looked awesome,kinda reminded me of a shaman of some sort..

  • Markeeta Hamilton

    I met Elijah today to. He told me all people are equal & don't refer to him as sir….

  • Rachel


  • Rreal1

    I met with my family Elijah on Monday July 26th 2010 by the White House and found that he is an extraordinary and good man trying to live to the best with nature and I want to tell him to keep up his work with his simple and natural life………A GOOD MAN………Thank you Sir……..No BROTHER………….

  • IMEET GOOD MAN …….ELIJAH.front of the w .h.

  • homeless has name.

  • People can become homeless for a variety of reasons from natural disasters that take everything they had to drugs and alcohol to laziness to post-traumatic stress after a war or something. I see them all over the big cities.

  • Graphael5555

    Hey its elizabeth, new email [email protected]
    @yahoo:disqus aphrodites in the house.  I keep changing the other email so he cannot
    trace it back to me but you can contact me anytime through Alison.  i am trying
    erotic poetry.

    The Q of debauchery

  • It was very nice meeting you the other day Elihja!!!

  • Miearslea

    I knew him back in 1981. My mom and I spent 6 weeks in Central Park with him. Brenda from Iowa. I was 10 years old.

  • Miearslea

    I would like to get in touch with him again. I have not seen him in 31 years.

  • Guest1

    thanks for telling Elijah’s story.   i’ve seen him many times – he’s the rock star of Lafayette Park.  Many love sitting and chatting with him.

  • Abbigailf

    I me him esterday infront of the white house in washington dc 🙂 so if u still want to see him again thats where he is

  • Elijah is not “houseless”. He lives at the Peace House. He is supported financially against our will by Ellen Thomas who has forced him on the house. He does nothing in the house financially or helping with the upkeep of the house.  He is a bum. 

  • cyinger

    I think he has the right idea of wanting to live a spiritual life, living off the land, cruelty-free diet; but better ways of doing it. There are jobs & places to live that would allow him to still be that way, but I respect him. 

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  • Tuza

    Yep, Elijah would take any chance to give you a hug, specially if you are a woman! I like him, he makes me laugh and I think he is the biggest bs-ert ever!

  • logan

    i went to DC over the summer last year and we went to a park right in front of the white house, i say him sitting on a bench with no shirt, short shorts, dreads and a walking stick, i knew i had to meet him, hes a great guy with a great fashion style, lol but i still have a business card that he gave me when i met him lol

  • Donnie Joseph

    I knew Elijah when I went to school at Grambling State University in the 90’s..He was a cool, intelligent, individual then, and he made a impression on me. I see he does the same for others too!

  • Logan

    You have a good idea for live simply with a nature but the society don’t agree the life.

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