Marty has been homeless for two years. He is 19 now. We met in Wichita, Kansas, where he struggles to survive on a daily basis. Special thanks to Wichita Children’s Home More Stories:KimEdward and AnitaReuel


Marty has been homeless for two years. He is 19 now. We met in Wichita, Kansas, where he struggles to survive on a daily basis.

Marty has been homeless for two years. He is 19 now. Click To Tweet

Special thanks to Wichita Children’s Home

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  • Johndeerelizzie19902006

    I don’t think you have been homeless for 2 years! you only graduated a year ago. My friend fed you when you went to her house. what happened to your adoptive parents?? I thought you were living with them

  • Loverslight_90

    I actually agree with Izzy, um if anything find someone who will take care of you or will accept you as an employee I mean it is something to get stuff too eat.

  • Ludlowpj4

    It is truely sad that you would tell all who can see this about problems that you don’t have. You lie and cheat Marty. You went to job corp on your own free will and left there to go to Cali and then to Missouri with your boyfriends. Don’t lie to make your family look bad. There are people out there that really are homeless and need help and people like you ruin it for the ones that actually need it. If you were homeless like you say you are then why do you get on facebook everynight? There are no late night libraries. Shame on you Marty, shame on you!

  • Brandon66720

    Marty marty marty… We offered you a room food healthcare we had a job lined out and after your phone calls of you just wanting to get away. We put time and effort into it. You said “no I’m doing it myself” Then and lastly you choose to leave the family just for sex you were meeting up with strangers to have sex.. Wit…h the great help of craigslist personals adam4adam manhunt I feel bad because those people used you but you are the one doing it… And for you shawn you wanted him gone you said three words “capital one murder” I want him out of here… So that is when we started looking for help. Funny thing you were on his parents cell phone plan running the bill up and then knocking the family that’s y the was the phone was shut off and marty said I don’t care.. Also he was welcomed back colleen bought him a laptop shoes clothes phone everything… Then marty stole his brothers underwear when he was in icu for a double lung transplant…I feel bad marty but YOU CHOSE THIS ALL!!!

  • Brandon

    JUST 2 months ago he was living wit my mom and dad for 4 months. He was having guys come over for sex so Mom told him he had to change cuz she has a 10 year old daughter at him. He said he couldn’t so moved away… We gave him a computer, cell phone, shoes, meals, snacks and a bedroom that was off to the side of the house that he wanted so badly. He had it MADE….

  • Brandon66720

    Hey isnt homeless. He said in the video he stays with friends and he does. He is dating someone right now and lives with him. Plus he gets food stamps monthly that he could live off of…..

  • Brandon66720

    Hey was but he didnt want to hear or follow the rules of keeping the house cleaned and He was meeting up with guys for sex every night so moved on.

  • Crank It21

    Shame on you, Marty. It is truly a shame that you put yourself through this and hurt all those that love you all for pity and attention. I do not know how you live with yourself. Anything worthwhile in life is never easy; you must earn it. It is a great disappointment to see how you have handled all this. We are only human, Marty, but this is beyond excuse; you surely do know better. I truly wish the best for you in life and that you will find your own happiness, but you will need to man up and earn it.

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