Ka’e k’e

“CAUTION some content may be offensive.” Well, Ka’e k’e’s interview from St Paul, Minnesota, is exactly why I have that disclaimer on InvisiblePeople.tv. She flat out tells us what life is like on the streets […]

Ka’e k’e

“CAUTION some content may be offensive.” Well, Ka’e k’e’s interview from St Paul, Minnesota, is exactly why I have that disclaimer on InvisiblePeople.tv. She flat out tells us what life is like on the streets for a young woman.

The disclaimer ends with the sentence “our hope is you’ll get mad enough to do something”. I am sure Ka’e k’e will offend you in some way. I even hope you get really upset at her candid, graphic description of what life has become. Just to survive she has to sleep with strange men. It’s the better option than freezing outside. Ka’e k’e is pregnant, and because of “survival sex” she does not know who the baby’s daddy is. I sure hope that gets you crazy mad.

Before you judge Ka’e k’e as being an awful mother know that she is just one of many young girls having babies on the streets. It’s a vicious cycle for many. They don’t know any better, and many don’t have the choices we take for granted. Sex with strangers and taking drugs to forget the pain is the only way to survive.

I wish you could see what I see. I see a hurting, young woman who is screaming for help. She is living the life that her family’s social-economic background gave to her. Most of these young adults come from families who were also homeless, or very close to homeless.

Offended yet? Mad enough to do something? I can’t stop earthquakes. I cannot stop hurricanes. I cannot end drug abuse or domestic violence. I sure wish I could fix the economy. Thing is, with a strong family we can get through every crisis that comes at us. We need to fix family. If we worked on fixing family, and for me it was the community of Alcoholics Anonymous that saved my life, we could stop the insane, vicious cycle and prevent other young adults from going through the same madness Ka’e k’e lives everyday.

So now that you’re offended I pray you will take real actions to help the hurting young adults in your community.

Ka'e k'e is pregnant, and because of survival sex she does not know who the baby's daddy is. Click To Tweet


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  • SavingwithSaveOne

    I can only imagine how hard it is for her. I don’t judge her. She seems like a nice person who really needs some angels to help her.

  • cyinger

    I absolutely understand. All anyone needs is “family” to lift them up & pull them through, and that doesn’t have to always be biological family. it can be a community of friends, and it is all of our responsibility to be that for the lost people who cross our path in life. I strongly believe that people can change when shown love. It’s easy to judge but it’s also usually not that hard to understand if we try. I didn’t watch the video yet, but I understand survival sex. God help her to pull through.

  • cyinger

    Sweet young woman. Strong head on her sholders. She has herself pretty well together already. She just needs financial help and housing and I believe she has a good future. I care very much about her. Expecting worse.

  • James

    Hi im James from duluth minnesota and I am also homeless ..summer in the tent has been fine for the most part..but its august 23rd 2014 and winters coming..Last winter was just terrible during the polar vortex..and I almost froze to death..People who have homes and an apartment are not immune to freezing to death up here in northern minnesota..This is an extremely dangerous climate to be homeless in..I would like to hop a train down south this winter, but I am on felony probation for felony Terroristic threats and my probation officer says a warrant for my arrest would be issued if I left. None of this makes any sense as I was wrongfully accused and convicted in a plea bargin for 8 months in jail and 3 years probation..Naturally I lost my job and my public housing and with a felony conviction cannot apply for public housing for 5 years nor will most landlords accept me for housing due to a felony conviction.The probation department will not help and their referrals are useless.I am not the only person this has happend to Duluth Minnesota has a ridiculous amount of people living on the streets and it seems public officals just look the other way..Police in this town target and harrass the homeless population which is why I spend most pf my time in the woods and seldomly go into the downtown area.Well much thanks to the editors of this web site and to Deb Holman street outreach in duluth minnesota. And to Ka’ e K’e ….keep your head up…

  • Angela

    I’m new to this website. Can someone tell me what is “couch surfing?”

  • Rosemary Judycki Becerra

    there is a point a person reaches when all the resources available to them are gone, and they end up in this young woman’s position. People who have the good luck to not be in her situation sometimes like to point a finger and blame. It is victim shaming and it does not do anyone any good. Our government needs to take a bigger part in the fight against homelessness and hunger in our country. It is hard to feel proud to be an american when there are so many people living lives under such terrible circumstances.

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