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I met Troy in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been homeless on and off for twenty five years, which he says is the result of being abused as a child.

Troy has a strong faith in Jesus. He believes it’s through that belief that he receives help and support.

Troy wants us to know that homelessness is a symptom of mental illness and trauma caused by the challenges of life.

Troy is a good man. He just needs a chance and some real hope. Faith based organizations need to be careful to teach more than Jesus. Often our homeless friends will refuse needed services saying “Jesus will provide all our needs”. Thing is, Jesus works through people. We need to be real with people and not present ideals that, although well meaning, could cause harm and keep people on the streets. I am not a bible expert or a theologian but I am sure Jesus wants no one to be homeless!

Troy has been homeless on and off for twenty five years. Click To Tweet

Special thanks to Mustard Seed

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  • Justinkeeling2006

    Excellent Troy! I actually met him in Ontario and caught up with him while I was also homeless in Edmonton.

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