I met Terra in Toronto, Canada. An outreach nurse who had been helping her connected us. Terra is a wonderful, gorgeous 25 year-old woman who has lived on the streets for 5 months. Terra tells […]


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I met Terra in Toronto, Canada. An outreach nurse who had been helping her connected us. Terra is a wonderful, gorgeous 25 year-old woman who has lived on the streets for 5 months.

Terra tells a very real story about life on the streets. She doesn’t like shelters because she was beat up in one, so she sleeps on the streets or in parks.

I hope Terra’s story will stay in your heart and mind as it has with me. After this interview we took her to get some food. She is intelligent and funny, she just needs some extra love and compassion to change her life. The good news is the outreach nurse I was with is filled with that extra love and compassion, and will do everything she can to find Terra some help.

Please support all health and medical outreach services in your community.

Terra is a wonderful, gorgeous 25 year-old woman who has lived on the streets for 5 months. Click To Tweet

*** Terra Gardner was hit by a train and killed while still homeless


Special thanks to Anne Marie Batten

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  • Clemens-richard

    lovesandrespectsxoxo Terra. You are not alone sweatheart! Hang in there, it will get better!! Committe to End Homelessness in Victoria (unceded Lekwungen Territories. Songhees Nation) Shame on Canada!

  • Guest

    She’s so much more intelligent, insightful and articulate than she’ll ever know.

    I also find the story of how she hurt her hand oddly endearing. “I didn’t think it was funny.”

  • This is so sad. She deserves to be in college, not this.

  • So sad to hear about Terra’s tragic passing.

  • robert noonan

    rob native sober over twenty years,used to live on the streets of toronto. now living in ottawa ont working went back to school. now he is a counsellor. success is also a reality.

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  • Stephanie Wesley


  • lily

    I live in BC, and there are a sadly a large amount of native peoples living on the street, specifically women. Aboriginal women are 7-9% more likely to be sexually abused and killed in violence than any other women. And yet stephen harper, despite his fauxpology to Native peoples and addressing the issue of stolen sisters, has yet to do anything, depute the UN repeatedly calling on Canada to do so.

  • artishia harris

    I am so moved by all the stories,but Terra’s story truly touched my heart in every kind of way. To know that she feels invisible is very heart breaking to hear because she is 25 years young and for her to feel like people don’t care about her is hard to hear. It makes me think now that when i pass by a homeless person an sit there and ignore them, when i don’t know their story is making me feel very low, but this is bring new light to my eyes because I don’t mean to sit an ignore homeless people, but when you don’t have the money yourself there is nothing you can do. i have always had a passion to open up my own homeless shelter for people that need a new start in life, but right now it is just a goal because being 18 years young you can only have faith that you can help people with having a shelter that really cares for the people. I can’t even believe terra was killed by a train because i would have loved to met her in my life time, but she will have a spot in my heart .

  • Miiskum Sutherland Stephens

    Terra was a friend of mine and I saw her 3 days before she was hit by that train. I still struggle with the thought that she was with native men the night she died, and was not protected or helped. Just left to die on the tracks like a piece of trash. I hope that they are ashamed of what they did to her that night, but I really don’t know. Such a sweet, caring young woman and this year, she would have turned 28. I cried on her birthday and if it wasn’t for a heat wave, I would have gone down to the tracks to sing and drum for her. MMIW NEEDS to be properly addressed by our government and legal system. This NEVER should have happened.

  • Eva Anderson
  • Nessa Rose

    Alcohol has become the drug of choice to deal with the anxieties of life whether homeless or not. The boredom experienced by those homeless is curbed by the use of alcohol. In my work providing medical care to homeless I am finding early cognitive impairments with the young homeless. alcohol coupled with methamphetamine, cannabis worsen the impairments. I love to see the transformations made once they are released from the shackles of addiction, the true creation is revealed. Every week I see the transformed lives, this is what compels me to continue to serve.

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