Brotha BlueStocking

After being on the road since I left Los Angeles on June 15th, and traveling to 24 cities around Canada, I knew by the time I hit Boston I would be beat down tired. I […]

Brotha BlueStocking

After being on the road since I left Los Angeles on June 15th, and traveling to 24 cities around Canada, I knew by the time I hit Boston I would be beat down tired. I was honored and grateful to be offered a speaking gig that covered a hotel stay, so the plan was just to relax. I was so tired that it didn’t even bother me Boston looked like it would be the 1st city visited on a road trip where I didn’t leave with at least one story. But that all changed when I met Brotha BlueStocking.

While in Boston my homeless friend, @bostonhomeless, held a party in a park. It was truly an honor for me, and everyone who attended. Food, clothes, socks, books, and just hanging out talking making new friends. Near the end of the long day, Brotha Bluetocking and I started up a conversation on the economy and homelessness. The conversation started to get very deep. He brought up the question “would the minimum wage worker in today’s homeless shelter be able to handle the amount of educated homeless people we are soon to see on the streets?” He started to talk about how he is horribly treated on the streets even though he has two masters degrees. What he was saying is such an important conversation, even though I had no intention of asking anyone if they wanted to be on video that day, I had to ask Brotha BlueStocking.

It’s interesting to me that after telling us about his name, Brotha BlueStocking states he’s responsible for his situation and he’ll get himself out of homelessness. But the system has gotten in the way. Ooooooo I hope you all heard that. I am not homeless, I have a cellphone and a laptop, and a car, yet I cannot navigate the “continuum of care” so how the heck is a person on the streets to find the help they need?

Brotha BlueStocking is a licensed teacher and guidance counselor in New York and California, and has two masters degrees, yet he says he’d like to put his degrees and licenses on Ebay. And that’s just a small tease as Brotha BlueStocking covers a lot of topics in the small amount of time online will allow.

This interview may be the most ‘interesting’ so far since I started three years ago, and I am sure it’s at the top of the most colorful. I could have sit and listened to Brotha BlueStocking all day. In fact, this video does not even cover all the wonderful thoughts this man has to share. We have to work on getting people like Brotha BlueStocking their own cameras and laptops so they can tell their own stories, and we can all listen.

Please watch and then share this video with all of your friends.

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  • Aries641

    This guy should have a job helping the homeless with 2 master’s degrees and teaching certificates I’d like to know what went wrong Drugs-Mental Illness maybe the cause but he can make the world a better place just hope someone will give him a chance

  • Anonymous

    He has helped homeless people, ME. He is my best friend since I became homeless and honestly don’t know if I’d have made it without him. He’s introduced me to my “guru”(psych/therapist/case manager) who’s changed my life, and Brotha Bluestocking has opened my eyes to how to strip life down to it’s core and realize the gifts we have.

    Gary aka @BostonHomeless:disqus

  • Anonymous

    I HAVE TO to listen to him all day! LOL
    Although I do have to add he’
    s by far also the funniest son of bitch I ever met too! 🙂

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  • Nmnikkimeek

    I find him interesting but we are taking his word for his two masters degrees we don’t know what the truth is.  I’ve met many an intellectual person with a lack of functional intelligence. Brotha blestocking is a riveting talker and very interesting but my common sense practical side chimes in telling me that I had patients over the years who were able to spin quite a tale but in the end it was merely a tale of who they wished they were not of their true self. Brotha I wish you well and that you are able to put yourself on the right track. You have the voice of a great tunesmith or wordsmith in the making. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually I do know the truth. I’ve helped him with lots of paperwork and red tape over the months, he does indeed have them, and that’s not the most interesting truth about him 😉

  • Jason

    Living near Boston I have seen plenty of the homeless there by the fly overs and on the corners in boston with their signs, some obviously have some deep rooted problems and others are what seems to be on the cusp of total homelessness, the police dont help but arnt as bad as they are in new jersey.

    I give when i have the cash and save my bottles for the bottle collectors near me, its never enogh and i dont think there will ever be enough to help, the states do need to help on masse as if only a few help the homeless then flood those places and bring down the system, it has to be a federal mandate to help.

    Its great that this place exists to give voice to the unheard and a place to help people to hear the facts over the media slant

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