I’ve know Scooter for a little bit, yet this was the first time we met in person. Over the last year or so, if I tweet out I was having a technical issue with video […]


I’ve know Scooter for a little bit, yet this was the first time we met in person. Over the last year or so, if I tweet out I was having a technical issue with video gear, the guy would work overtime to help me find a solution. Interesting, Scooter is homeless. He lives in a van parking in a New Jersey Walmart parking lot.

Scooter lost the house he lived in for 27 years and has now lived in a van for 3 years. He didn’t lose his house because of the economic crisis, but because of a few bad decisions and health issues.

You can find Scooter on twitter as @scooter_NJ. He also writes a blog, which I found out about when I bought him coffee at McDonalds. The guy behind the counter, I think he is a manager, won’t touch Scooter’s mug, or allow the other workers to fill it up. So he fills a paper cup up and then pours it onto the mug. He then throws the large paper cub away, and that wastes money. You can read about it here.

Scooter is a huge Glenn Beck fan. I didn’t even know Glenn Beck had a subscription based television show until this interview.  Scooter wants is to be able to watch Glenn Beck via free wifi. If any of you have connections to Glenn Beck, let’s try and get Scooter a subscription, and maybe even Mr. Beck will visit Scooter and do a show on America’s homeless.

You may look at Scooter’s situation and think it’s not that bad. Well, trying living in a van in a parking lot indefinitely. Even though he is not sleeping on the streets, living in a van is not by choice, and it is homeless, and it is horrible. One of the fastest growing demographics in homelessness is mobile homeless. People lose their jobs, then their apartments, and then try and stay in their vehicles as long as possible. Some people like Scooter are lucky. Scooter wants to survive and has survival skills. Many people are not so lucky.

Scooter lost the house he lived in for 27 years and has now lived in a van for 3 years. Click To Tweet

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  • Nmnikkimeek

    Scooter you are the man!!  Fascinating, intelligent, warm and dang likeable…where can I send some $ to help you with GBTV?….I still need to do that too…

  • Anonymous

    I’m willing to bet the McDonald’s manager is pretty neutral on homeless people, and the actual fact is, he’s been micro-managed so thoroughly that he is, in fact, in danger of losing his job over a 1/4-inch of coffee! Everyone in the US prison camp thinks they’re being micro-managed but others are not, and it’s not like that. People at all levels but the top are in danger of losing jobs, positions, homes! – over minutes late back from a work-break, an inch of coffee, etc. It’s that bad. So, don’t take personally what can be explained by the job-fear of a fellow slave. 

  • Scooter_NJ

    Scooter here…trust me, it’s just how this guy is. EVERYONE there is really nice to me. Thia guy simply is lacking people skills. Not just from my experience, but from those who work with him.

  • Scooter_NJ

    WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much. I will get the “Scholarship” info on monday from their customer service and post it here. This is really very generous of you!

  • Funny!  Unlike the man at Mc Donald’s, you are intelligent & have GREAT people skills.  You will make it. 

  • Nmnikkimeek

    hey scoot…just wanting to check in about sending some cash to help with GBtv…anyone weho is a friend of the Herminator is a friend of mine = )

  • Scooter_NJ

    Good morning. Could you reach out to me via email? stoocs99  @  gmail Thanks

  • Jim Walters

    Nobody should help this idiot…The Money he spends on idiotic things like tobacco, he could spend on his essentials..basically, you are subsidizing his stupidizing this idiot’s stupidity…dont fall for his crap…let him quit smoking and get a job like all of us

  • I have 16 years sober, and 5 years of cigarettes. Once addicted to smoking it is very hard to quit.

    Over 7 million jobs lost last year. It’s not easy getting a job these days – that’s a fact

  • Scooter_NJ

    I have a feeling you have already made contact with me there al. You are still on the ciggie thing. Tell you what since you are so “InThe Know”…point me in the direction of work I can do…I am SOOO there! In the meantime how about making yourself accessible via some manner of email so you can stand proud around your assertions. #Check

  • Scooter_NJ

    If you would like to read more about “Jim Waters, et al” you can do

    If you scroll through that page, it details a lot.

  • Jim Walters

    Smoking is a disgusting habit.  People can of course do it all they want.  But nobody should go around looking For Donations, then spend Said donations on things like that.  If someone spent $5 A Day on cigarettes, That’s $150 A Month that can be spent on food, gas, or any other necessity

  • Jim Walters

    I don’t Know who is darwin, etc.  This is Mr. Walters.   My opinons Speak for themselves.  One is free to agree, or disagree as they see fit

  • Kgleason945

    Why doesnt mr Walter try being homeless and see if he picks up any addictions

  • Kgleason945

    I get $200-$300 food support from county a month to feed a family of three.  Do the math Im glad my boys can eat at school for free the summer months are very hard and usually we have one week where we are eating very poorly

  • Jim Walters

    I don’t Know who you are, but I would never put myself in a position like that..I have worked my way up from a very poor, $5 A Hour worker Several Years Ago, to a CEO now, just by hard work, and with never taking A Dime Of Federal Assistance Along the way…i would never pick up any addictions…heck I don’t even drink caffine (not that there’s anything wrong with it-just making the point that I don’t do anything addictive..probably except sex, LOL)

  • Jim Walters

    OK, without smoking, you’d have ABOUT $200 Extra A Month to feed your “boys”  so you wouldn’t have to eat poorly.  What kind of an idiot can squander Money on stupid things as smoking, and have the self respect to take Taxpayer’s Money that people worked hard for?  That’s why I hate the welfare and nanny state..If you want something work for it.  If someone had a job and was not depending on others through welfare or their generocity, I wouldnt care if they smoked 10 packs A Day..but if someone has the nerve to take 1 Penny  Of our Money, Through Taxes Or Otherwise, they better not spend 1 Penny on anything non-essential

  • Jim Walters

    I can be contacted through here and my opinions Speak for themselves

  • Scooter_NJ

    This Waters guy have a hard on for tobacco products. What can ya’ do…some people. I am all but positive this is the same guy I go on about on my blog, as linked above. He uses different names in different place, but his style is the same. I mean look at this sentence:

    “you are subsidizing his stupidizing this idiot’s stupidity”

    Wordsmith, no?

  • Jim Walters

    Waters guy?  I am Mr. Walters.   Maybe you are the wordsmith?  I am not writing a term Paper here.  I am sure i am the only person ever to make a typographical error, though.  I have no relationship to whoever this idiot is referencing, as I have never come accross this individual, until I just saw this website.  Anyway, I have no hard on for tobacco products..its a free market.  I have instead, a moral  issue with someone who so openly solicits Donations from good people, and squanders Said Donations on anything other than essentials.  Same for those taking Public Assistance.  Food, And Water Is Essential.  Internet, Glen Beck TV (though I do like Glen for the record), and smoking is NOT essential.  Like I Said, $5 A Day, Is $150 A Month, And $1825 A Year.  $1825 Would Buy storage, generators, gas, and whatever else this moron grovels and begs for.  But whatever-this is a great country, and we are all entitled to our opinions, and I am merely expressing mine.  Personally, I wouldn’t give this clown A Penny. 

  • John McHenry

    The guy did nothing wrong..he just enforces good cleanliness standards

  • Jim,

    I think you’ve made your point, and I am happy for you you’ve never had addictions. I have, and they take over a life. I could not stop drinking or smoking on my own and until I found help I was addicted.

    Many people smoke and a huge percentage of homeless people smoke. I smoked when I was homeless. Let’s put this into perceptive: homelessness SUCKS and if a smoke can help a person get through a day so be it. $150 or even $200 is not going to provide housing or even a hotel stay.

    It’s really easy for someone who has never been in a crisis such as homelessness to judge homeless people. People who live on the streets go through hell. If Scooter wants to spoke there is really no problem at all as it’s his own personal choice.

    Having met Scooter and interacted with him for some time via social media I respect the man. He is a good guy and has been through a lot. I find you calling him names rather distasteful and very wrong.

    I will leave your comments up right now because we believe in open communication of all viewpoints. But I will not allow any more name-calling or personal attacks. 


  • Jim Walters

    Well nobody made you START smoking other than yourself.  And anybody can stop or start doing what they want as they want.  No substance should be allowed to control a human being.  $200 A Month, Would Pay for a lot!  $200 buys 200 Dollar burgers A Month, or a lot of gas, or some other essential.  Begging or even soliciting For Money and spending 1 Penny of someone else’s Hard-earned Money on something frivalous or disgusting is just plain wrong.  I don’t care what he does, but it is MORALLY WRONG to try to solicit people For Money and then carry on with something stupid…if he didn’;t spend $150 A Month on tobacco, That Would Be $150 Less Per Month, someone would have to donate to him, or $150 More he could spend on his storage, car insurance, gasoline, or whatever else he needed.  I can write anything I want…..if you block me, I will have my friends write…to me he looks like a begging hypocrite, that’s all.  Pathetic and pitiful..get a job

  • Scooter_NJ

    Umm..yeah the walters guy.You still don’t know when to quit. I already had your one email account shut down and sent your threats to the police. As for typos, you just said this:

    “I am sure i am the only person ever to make a typographical error, though.”

    No, not the only one…but you sure do make’em!

    And I am far from an idiot as you stated. Come see me, and we’ll have a meeting-0-the minds. Conversation over coffee. We can discuss how I am not spending dime 1 on the internet nor Glenn Beck’s GBTV. Not sure where I  “grovel and beg” though.

    Anyhow, stop by sometime and we can get to know one another. I look forward to the company. I promise not to wear any “clown” make up. is REALLY bad form to “Like” your own posts….anywhere.


  • Scooter_NJ

    Hello again. Don’t know if you caught it, but I was on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning and he gave me a Premium Scholarship to . But thank you again for your kind offer.

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  • Scooter_NJ

    New direction for yours truly. Please take a look and spread this wherever you can.

  • Eric H Wood :)

    I pointed you to North Dakota several months ago at the latest. What are you doing down in Texas now?

  • Bill Butcher

    You sound fat. Very fat.

  • 0302/9953

    You sound gay. Very gay.

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