I met Ron in St Louis, Missouri. Ron was living with his nephew and then his social security disability payments were stopped. The only way he could fight to get them back was with a […]


I met Ron in St Louis, Missouri. Ron was living with his nephew and then his social security disability payments were stopped. The only way he could fight to get them back was with a lawyer, and because he didn’t have money for legal help Ron ended up homeless.

Please forgive me but I am about to go into a little rant. At the time of this interview, Ron lived in a shelter that is 10 days in and 30 days out. That means after staying there 10 days you are kicked out and cannot return until after a 30 days period! THAT IS STUPID! No one can get their life back in 10 days, or 30 days even. I know of a shelter in Anchorage, Alaska, that is 30 days in and 30 days out. Imagine you lose your job and then your apartment. It’s winter time and you go into a shelter. If you cannot find a new job and come up with a months rent and security deposit within 10 days, or 30 days, you are kicked out in to the cold weather.

Shelters that run policies like this will tell you it’s to motivate people to find work and a place to stay. But the real truth is it’s money. This type shelter does little to get people out of their crisis and actually perpetuates homelessness. Although I am a big supporter of housing first model, there is still need for shelters, but this type shelter system makes no logical sense and much change if we are to have any impact on ending homelessness.

Ron is 65 years-old and is spending his retirement years homeless. Sadly, we are going to see more seniors on the streets as the ‘boomer generation’ gets older. Without savings, assets or healthcare, this will tax our social services system to the crisis level, yet no one is walking about it.

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  • Anonymous

    I am very sad about this man’s situation. Could someone explain to me the
    following. Did the man lose his SSD because he was living in his newphew’s
    home? If you are on SSD do you have to live in a home or apartment
    that rents to section 8?

  • Make sure you visit the website and read the comments left by this blogger on the actual blog page.
    This is a shame before God because it’s a broken system that people should be working to fix, but, instead, they continue in the insanity.

  • u dont have to live in section 8 if ur on SSD but its better for people with those budegts to do so. i cant say y ron lost his SSD as the article doesnt make this clear. hope it helps. SSD recipients can live wherever they choose, even be homeless by choice, as the govt cannot mandate that. some who are mentally ill do require a payee, that is someone who gets their check sent to them, and can cash and give it to the recipient of SSD. at times this can cause problems as payees can get greedy. also, SSD is famous for cancelling your checks if the post office says you moved and u forgot to notify SSD, and also if you donjt keep your SSD appt. seen it happen. they dont make it easy.

  • new to this site n not sure how to do so. can u pls instruct me on this? thanks for your help.

  • Eleanor Tylbor

    First thing that went through my head was how many other people are in the same situation and what type of resources are available for/to them? Also, how did Ron become homeless? Does he have a family that does or doesn’t want to help him?

  • Anonymous

    It’s very sad that he has eight brothers and sisters who will not help him but I wonder if he has a problem (mental health, substance abuse or alcohol) that he is not willing to share with the interviewer. I am lucky that I don’t have any of his problems. When times are tough you find that family is the only ones who will help.
    but sadly, that is not the case for Ron. That is why I wondered if he had some
    time of subtance abuse or mental health problem. Also at the age of 65, wouldn’t he be entitled to social security if he had paide into the system.

    About six years ago, we had a winter storm in buffalo, ny. My lights and heat were shut off for about three weeks. I could not get any money out of my ATM either.

    I bought a flashlight and some “D” batteries and lived in the dark and listened
    to the radio. I did borry some money from my sister so I was able to eat
    fresch subs at Subway.

    The point I am trying to make is that I called a childhood friend just to talk
    and I could tell he was really upset when I called. I found out later that he had no
    problems with his heat or electricity. Only his cable tv was not working. I think
    he thought I wanted to stay with him. I didn’t (he has a family) but it would
    have been nice for him to at least invite me over for dinner or something.
    That was not the case. We live in a sometimes very cold and lonely world.

    What makes this really bad for Ron is that his blood family will not help.

  • Danielle

    thanks for sharing!
    great stuff!
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  • Patrick Holm Hansen

    It’s ridiculous his family don’t help him. I think Ron is a nice guy, and i hope he gets his own place to stay like many other people.

  • Lasse

    don´t your family help you? don´t you have a good relationship to your family? 

  • Lars

    ron seems like a nice guy who never would screw anyone over .unfortunite for him and many of my fellow older americans who never saved for retirement or cant work due to poor health we need to do more to help each other. alas i feel im headed down? the same path.see you on the new trail of tears..

  • Kjær

    I think it’s sad that his family not have helped him. I think he should pull oneself together and contact his family so they can help him to have a place to live.

  • tommy

    this video lerne me shomthing i didnt know about shelters and it chocked me. that they get kicked out of the shelters after 10 days and cant retune with in 30 days. we/they cant demand that they get there life back in 10 days as they say in the video

  • jkl

    Such an sad story, i feel so sorry for you Ron.

  • Thor Autzen

    Hi Ron. You are invisible. Go visible

  • frank thomas

    Ron obviously has nervous problems and needs somebody to advocate for him..he is of retirement age and at a minimum should be getting social security retirement along with all of the other benefits available to someone without an income. There is no excuse for this society to turn their back on a person like Ron…this guy breaks my heart and I hope that someone in the social services out there finds this guy. The Federal Budget includes all sorts of nonsense that if used properly could support people like Ron in a comfortable manner…..Same on his family…there is no excuse for their outright rejection of him…I don’t care if he is a drunk or a doper, they could help him in some way….and I dont think Ron is a drunk or doper…

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