I met Laverne near a river bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while working with outreach Dr Jim Withers. Laverne shares a very emotional and very real story about police harassment. Although I have worked with some […]


I met Laverne near a river bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while working with outreach Dr Jim Withers.

Laverne shares a very emotional and very real story about police harassment. Although I have worked with some amazing police officers who go above and beyond to help our homeless friends, we have a serious problem with police harassment when dealing with homeless population.

Please watch Laverne’s powerful story and please share with everyone you know.

How can we reduce and stop police harassment of homeless people?

Laverne shares a very emotional and very real story about police harassment. Click To Tweet

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  • nerdse

    Since NDAA was passed, the police can now harass ALL of us, none of us have Constitutional rights. Sect. 31 & 32, among others, have VOIDED THE CONSTITUTION.
    It started when too few of us stood up for those who were harassed unnecessarily. Now, we’re all in trouble, & with this DEPRESSION (it’s NOT just a recession), there will be many more homeless & all of us, homeless or not, will be harassed if we tick off anyone even remotely associated with the government or law enforcement agencies – & of course, the RICH. And whether or not law enforcement officers believe it, if they tick off the wrong people, they’ll be in the same boat as the rest of us. Maybe we’d better fight the Patriot act & NDAA at the same time. Hope we don’t get put on a watch list as terrorists before it’s repealed. AND if you really want it repealed, vote for Ron Paul. Write him in if you have to in Nov. He’s the ONLY one who’s promised to repeal both, AND the only one who has been HONEST for his whole political career.
    Most of all, we have to realize that every person on earth has intrinsic worth. They are worthwhile because they exist. In despair, many have given up. Some have turned to evil & crime as a way to strike back at injustice, not realizing – sometimes no longer caring – that they are perpetuating injustice instead of fighting it.

  • Robert Bailey

    I am a retired Deputy Sheriff in Arkansas and recently got involved with supporting the homeless in my area. I have seen the harassment from fellow officers to homeless people in the past. Now I am an outcast and I am harassed by the people I use to work with for supporting the homeless. There excuse is that I am making it look like its a serious problem and they don’t see many homeless people here and I tell them its because they are invisible to you and you refuse to believe that they are really out there. Its plain ignorance on their part and a cop that harasses is a disgrace to the entire human race. The last post I put on Facebook I was called a dumbass by one of the other deputies and he told me I did not know what I was talking about  and then I was threatened by an unknown caller which did not bother me but then they involved my kids in that threat. I told this deputy and any of the others that had something to say to me say it to my face not behind my back like a coward and so far they have not come to me at all yet they still run me down on other sites on the internet. I don’t care I will always do what I can to help the homeless people and if it means being harassed by fellow officers so be it I care about the human race and these people are still human. You just cannot get it thru some peoples head that they literally are one paycheck away from being homeless and that is fact not myth. There are no jobs for these people or ones that have homes but unemployed and kids that have degrees cannot find work in their field. Their is only one answer to this problem and that is support the homeless anyway you can because it could be you having to do without.

  • Victoryexpress50

    This past year I have volunteered at the Salvation Army. My town is 12,500 souls. I cried my first day in the kitchen, I had NO idea. Many are homeless and I have a passion for that and then decided it was out of my realm of possibility. Now, I am wondering what is my calling. I want God to order my footsteps. How can I say it is impossible for me? Does that then say God cannot do the impossible? Ouch. I need prayer in this matter. I go home to Indiana the end of May unemployment will be over this summer. I have been in /CA for a month now and have met new “family” members through Keith Giles. What a blessing indeed. Now the question is…where do I go from here?  Mom (80) says “God knows what He is doing!!” Could I please have a clue?

  • anthony

    playing a homeless person in a production having been homeless before i know how it feels we are people to and not the cast aways like the free world would see us.

  • Louisecrudup

    I am proud of you. Because it takes intestinal fortitude (guts) to stand up to these set of scared cowards. But, also, remember flesh and blood is not our enemies. Unclean spirits do not like it when we do what is right. Wether you are greek, jew, latin, it does not matter. Jesus died for us all. And, when he comes back He is looking for the people that fed the poor, visited the sick, etc. Keep doing what is right. This is what makes you a man of God, and not because of your works, but doing His work, which is His will.He died for all sins, sins of yesterday, today tomorrow, just a few seconds ago, an hour, right now, etc. died for them all, in our place. 

  • Trapperman97

     Robert Baily, I think what you are doing is awsome!

                                    May God Bless You!!!!!!

  • Samoodnahshal

    this is soooo sad i was crying with her :'( .i wish i could go up to her and help her ! ,but i am just a 13 yearold watching these videos to do a summary for school .   :'((((   i hate who ever did that to her and i hope i could meet them and cuss them out.i hop my teacher is reading this because i am not saying this for her i am saying this for Laverne .i hope that the cop that did that becomes homeless and and sees all that sh** that he put Laverne and her godchild through .

  • This is amazingly powerful. Thank you, Mark, for documenting these voices.

  • rhoneill

    People need to learn a lesson from this woman. No matter how much you don’t have you can always help someone else.

  • charles

    real talk

  • Humanity Speak

    We are man-kind and we should do what we do best, be kind and love one another. Thank you Robert for the courage and heart to do what is right, May God Bless Laverne, may he deliver her, comfort & heal her. The worst thing about being homeless, is the overwhelmingly pain, of believing, no one cares. The pain runs deep, and takes time to heal. The experience of homelessness, is painful and traumatic. They need humanity to do what they do best, love.

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