“Part of being homeless is being lonely, and that’s one of the worst feelings in the world”, says 19 year-old Jermire from a Chicago youth shelter. Jermire feels homelessness was a life-lesson and he’s glad […]


“Part of being homeless is being lonely, and that’s one of the worst feelings in the world”, says 19 year-old Jermire from a Chicago youth shelter. Jermire feels homelessness was a life-lesson and he’s glad he could make it through all the bad experiences.

The good news is Jermire is going to make it. Even though he went through some of his high school years not knowing if he would eat or where he would sleep, Jermire’s attitude is strong and positive.

Jermire lived on the streets since he was 13. As sad as that is, on May 27th Jermire is graduating high school.

Watch till the end and you’ll see Jermire give one of his wishes to you.

Jermire has lived on the streets since he was 13. Click To Tweet

Special thanks to La Casa Norte

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  • jabrea

    omg it really dont seem like you could be homeless. all the looks and the way you carry yourself will fool a person by me lookin at this website i was really surprise to see that you was homeless , you are a nice looking young man

  • Ralph O. Sherberg

    Jermire, you are great! I admire you, as I am sure many others also do…. you will be all right, I know. I only wixh we had more people like you in this world! 

  • mimsy18

    Jermire, you are very inspiring. I’m praying you have a jib and place to call your own home soon.

  • Any comment seems totally shallow. Keep the beautiful light you radiate. Merci for the life lesson. Respect. 

  • Clemens-richard


  • Guest

    Jermire, you seem like a great person. I hope you are able to have a place to call your own soon.

  • Rbrites

    First wish – more shelter for the homeless; Second wish – make it through to support others; Third wish – give away for someone who needs it.
    That sums up. Nice lesson to everyone Jermire.

  • LifeIsABlessing

    Jermire, since i met you, you seemed very strong minded! you have a great life a head of this bumby road we’re on! god bless you and your family! We making it out soon! -Joshua Figueroa

  • Liz Tambourine

    Your honesty and positive attitude are an incredible gift. Keep focused on your goals, you’re going to get there–wherever you want to be. You are an inspirational young man. 

  • Robert Yoder

    The trials and tribulations we go through make us the people we are this 19 year old boy is more of a man than most full grown men i know because of his life it might be hard but handing things to people is not the answer all the time let them earn it they appreciate it more i have grown up poor not homeless but damn near and i wouldn’t change a thing i wouldn’t be the man i am today and i don’t look for a hand out when im down i look for a hand up so i know people out there that are taking all they can get from our gov that need it but i also know those that take all they can get and don’t so you have to make sure you walk that fine line between helping out someone through a rough time and being there only means of survival it is not our gov place to be our care givers i believe firmly in helping the poor get on there feet but being a way of survival for life is not what we need to teach our children i know kids who grew up on the gov programs and stayed on them and now are having kids so they can be on them even more and what do you think they will do . I also know a few guys that couldn’t get the help they needed because they were single with no children that were homeless that committed crimes just to get off the streets and get a meal so i don’t know what the answer is but there has to be one but we need people that care about our homeless not just look at them like another number passing by many people out there are willing to work for there assistance or volunteer those are the ones we need to help not the ones that just want a hand out nothing in life is free and if you start giving away the things most have to work for you will find less and less willing to work and more and more looking for a hand out instead of a hand up.

  • Fancy14

    hope you get a place called home soon

  • sky

    i hopefully find a way to find a solution to my situation…got to find work of im in the streets

  • Arianna

    Omg i wish you all the best and i’m really hoping you dont get to be lonely anymore from now one. I’m really proud that you actually graduate as a homeless i can tell you’re really smart.. and i’m hoping you find a place come home i’m really hoping you get a job and live a good life from now oe..Love

  • Cc

    What an amazing individual.

  • Kat

    my God, You’re such a beauiful person! and I gotta one wish for You, I wish You a lot of love cause You deserve to not to bein’ lonely anymore. Take care!

  • Kayodei

    Homeless in a first world country? It does not get any less civilised than this.

  • me

    wish I could write this dude a letter and tell him how inspiring he is

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  • Laura H

    He is awesome. I wish I knew how to get in touch with him and help him. I have 4 sons. I can’t imagine them not eating, sleeping outside or being cold. His parents and family should be ashamed. he is a very bright young man who is going to have a bright future. I pray he gets a scholarship for college and goes on with his life to do great things!

  • Laura H

    Joshua do you know how to get in touch with Jermire?

  • Lucie.V

    I’m very impressed to his determination and by his desire to live. It’s amazing, he keeps his happiness and his smile in all situation, he can be proud to himself.

    Moreover, he always hope in the futur and he wants to survive and have a better life. It’s a very good life-lesson, everybody will watch this video. Good luck to you!!

  • Kelsey Adams

    i know a homeless woman who i started a fund raiser for she has two children and it just sad that even our local department can’t even help her because they don’t have no more funding. She is also released foster care child who was raised by the system and on her 21st birthday she was dropped off at homeless shelter and told to have a nice life did anyone ever ask what happen to foster care youth who leave the system after there 21st birthdayI hope that someone would help[ her find proper shelter instead sleeping on side of busy highway with two children who could wander into this busy highway street and being able to properly put diapers n child and have proper medical attention. I just wish the best for her and two little boys. I vist her daily and for reason she still smiles and says god will provide i just have to keep trying I swear she lease help with her is an inspiration. please help with her fund go to

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