Alyona is a 19 year-old homeless college student ‘flying a sign’ in Pasadena to get enough money for a hotel room. The night before she slept in a park. Pasadena is a small town outside […]


Alyona is a 19 year-old homeless college student ‘flying a sign’ in Pasadena to get enough money for a hotel room. The night before she slept in a park.

Pasadena is a small town outside of Los Angeles and you wouldn’t think of a town like Pasadena as having a homeless problem. In fact, I recently moved to Pasadena because I wanted a little more quiet, and to hopefully get a break from homelessness. But everyday driving home after working at the shelter I’m seeing more and more people panhandling at the exit ramps.

Alyona was going to college full time but for whatever reason her parents stopped paying the rent. Her and her boyfriend made plans to live with a friend and that turned out to be a horrible situation resulting in Alyona getting everything stolen.

I have huge respect for Alyona and her boyfriend for doing what they can to stay in school while homeless. He has two more classes before he gets an AA degree is zoology and she’s still taking classes in theater arts.

Alyona is a 19 year-old homeless college student 'flying a sign' in Pasadena. Click To Tweet

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  • I dont feel bad at all. She needs to get a job.She looks healthy and able.

  • Mayer

    For what reason would Alyona be unentitled to a GSL to help her pay for her professional training?

  • Working Hard in America

    Whoa. She makes 50 dollars in less than 2 hours…I make 9.00 an hour before taxes working my ass off. I understand that she can’t get a job…it’s tough out there. Just sayin’…I should fly a sign!

  • To the people below, do you know what it is like to go to college full time? It takes all of your time & time off is spent studying. it is hard to have time to work, even part time and there is no reason not to beleive she is trying as hard as she can to find a job. I know what it’s like to sleep outside or other places and not sleep & then have to go to work. I can imagine having to go to classes & learn after that. I know where peopel are coming from, but you don’t know a person until you’ve walked in their shoes. If she is lucky enough to get enough for a hotel by panhandling, more power to her. She is clearly very intelligent & not lazy.

  • nomad411

    She says that she tried and tries to get a regular job..

  • Laleche

    Unfortunately, cyinger, most people’s minds are already made up and there is no way they are going to be confused with the facts. While I have seen people in inner-city Los Angeles who made a career out of panhandling, Alyona specifically states that she does it only until she has enough money for a hotel room for the night. And at $50 for two people, I guarantee she’s not staying at the Hyatt or the Sheraton! Having known the videographer for 15+ years, his purpose is not to make people feel bad for Alyona. Anyone can feel bad for someone else, but it takes some intelligence to become aware that there are people out there who, in spite of their best efforts, are without a regular place to sleep at night or to put their belongings. I live on the East coast now, in a semi-rural county with over 600 homeless school children and over 1500 adults, yet there are actually people here who deny that fact, mostly I think because if they admitted there is a problem (nationwide) they might have to get up off their fat divans and do something about it.

  • a2phil

    Americans??? Actually GIVING a S*** about anyone else??? Not from MY experience!!!

  • why doesnt her boy friend be man and take care of her //for both its time to reorganize priorities and try working their way up to getting a room or apartment share //therei are plenty in Pasadena and surrounding areas close by.
    i am speaking from recent experience.there are two homelesss helters in the area that i have stayed at.and they have programs for people who are working and or in school..long term residential transitional shelter and assistance /.programs are available in glendale as well diall 211 for l.a.county referrrals for food and shelter//food stamps are available to any one of low income unless she and her boy friend both have criminal records I CURRENTLY AM SHARING A TWO BED ROOM APARTMENT//I WAS RIDING THE METRO TRAINS ALL NIGHT AND SLEEPING IN UNION STN. AS LONG AS I COULD .UNTIL I STOPPED BEING A VICTIM AND STARTED BEING VICTORIUIS..I JUST MADE A PLAN ONE DAY /

  • would you like to help someone truthful and proven worthy..with everything verifiable a resume with references..a verifiable history..i need a vehicle in order to work as a care provider//you see i have reorganized my priorities i am actually a business developer who in my young life was a medical that i am semi retired i choose to take care of elderly andi or njured patients home from hospital with excellent references as well..i barely make it each month even tho i do get food stamps.
    i have had a very success full life , i am 34 yrs clean n sober
    i am technically homeless still , i am not on the rental agreement..i rent a room in a two bed room apartment

  • Daan1101

    Stupid of me to respond to something posted 8 months ago, but who cares. You think its easy to get a job once you’re homeless? Once you have to give up an address or bank account they’ll find out you’re homeless and won’t give you the job. You must be one of those people shouting “Get a job” to these people and making them feel worse than they already feel. I feel very sorry for you, that you have absolutely no sense of compassion.

  • Michael

    I wish they would do updates to see if these people have moved on. I would like to know how Ms. Alyona is doing now

  • Lou-ann Bucaille

    I really hope that you and your boyfriend would come to get away, you will find work and your life will finally live up to your expectations. xoxo

  • Margot L

    Hello, I hope that you arrive to overcome this trials and have a better life with your boyfriend and realise your wishes.

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