Wanda never imagined she’s be homeless at 59. Her husband has serious health issues, so she quit her job to relocate with her husband to St Louis. Wanda was not able to find a new […]


Wanda never imagined she’s be homeless at 59. Her husband has serious health issues, so she quit her job to relocate with her husband to St Louis. Wanda was not able to find a new job so a friend offered her a place to stay in Los Angeles.

After living with her friend for 30 days Wanda came to Ascencia, a homeless shelter in Glendale, California. I work at Ascencia as a outreach case manager. I normally don’t share stories from work, but Huffington Post asked me to interview a few homeless people about the presidential election, and Wanda was so awesome I kept the camera rolling and could not help but ask about her story.

Wanda is what’s known as the “working poor”. She rides three buses – a two and a half hour ride – just to get to her job every day. But she is grateful to have a job.

Wanda has goals. Soon she’ll have a new apartment and will be able to move out of a homeless shelter. I know she’s already looking at plane tickets to get her husband on the West Coast. I am so happy for her.

Wanda’s advice to anyone going through a crisis like homelessness: “NEVER GIVE UP”!

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Special thanks to Ascencia.

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  • cyinger

    It made me feel good to watch this. Wanda is a very special, uplifting person. A real inspiration. I remember her from the previous video. I know good things will come her way. I loved seeing your friendship and the impact of Ascencia on residents! You are changing lives. Thank you all for your work.

  • terrilynnmerritts

    I have worked with the homeless since I was a child and my parents took homeless in our home. I feel honored to meet the Wandas of the world and they do inspire me every single day. This can happen to ANY of us and we need to act like the human family that we are and give one another a hand.

  • One of the most inspiring video’s I have ever seen. I love Wanda! She is amazing and a true success story for all homeless people. I started my own Independent Publishing company in January of this year and I took on an author that was homeless who’s only wish was to share his wonderful children’s book with the world. GMTA Independent Publishing will be putting his first book out this October! This is a true testament to how rough it is out there today and as long as we have the Wanda’s in the world we’ll get by and make it through. Kudo’s to Wanda, many blessings to her and all the other homeless in the world and thank you InvisiblePeople.tv for broadcasting these amazing stories and showing the world that everyone is beautiful and should never be overlooked!

  • 50 million people go with out food two to four days per month because of not enough income We need more back yard gardens more soup kitchens In my area the local soup kitchen Closed that was 100 hungry people mostly women with children because of Hurricane Charly 2005 and no support from the State & local GOV …

  • theguywiththebigpenis

    this is making me cry, why does this happen to other human beings? 🙁

  • This video is inspiring…how many things we do not know. What can I do to help you?

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  • Star

    Wanda inspires me because i also work w homeless and most of them use excuses why they wont or dont work or why its so much easier for them to just beg off someone who works. (THEIR words are : Im not ashamed to panhandle , America owes me) My parents inspired me to do what i could for the unfortunate – and i have passed this on to my own children & even my little 6 yr old sunshiny granddaughter who knows no limits of heart giving!

  • April

    this woman rules. loved her about her and her story

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