Michelle and kids

Michelle lives in a RV with her kids in a church parking lot near Eugene, Oregon. Knowing she was about to lose her apartment, Michelle took to Craigslist and bought a used RV. At first, […]

Michelle and kids

Michelle lives in a RV with her kids in a church parking lot near Eugene, Oregon.

Knowing she was about to lose her apartment, Michelle took to Craigslist and bought a used RV. At first, they tried to live in the mountains. But everything was too far away.

Sadly, this families story is becoming the norm not the exception. Mobile homelessness is growing in communities all over the U.S.

Michelle has only one wish – a home!

Michelle lives in a RV with her kids in a church parking lot near Eugene, Oregon. Click To Tweet


Special thanks to St. Vincent de Paul

*** shortly after I posted this story St. Vincent de Paul tweet me that this family is now in housing.

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  • Did they really? I am glad she and her family are in a home, it is a fact, I am always one month away of being homeless myself. I just watched my older friend who recently sold his home w/horses, barn and 10 acres to build another one, the bottom fell out on the housing market after putting over 200 grand into the new one, their payment became to much and only after a few years, they moved out today and are going to rent a home in Iowa, the rent was much cheaper there. They now are paying less than me for housing. but they lost their home and investment because the bank would not work with them. Now the bank gets the home, plus the initial 200 grand, plus all the 2000 monthly payments they made and now going to sell it to most likely an investor on pennies on the dollars when they could have done the same thing for the real owners. I am so sick of the financial mess the Federal Reserve, Federal Government and Obama are doing to this country.

  • I heard a guy on the radio today, he had a court date the other day in Oakland County court and they were foreclosing on 1100 homes that day alone, this depression is just starting and getting worse, the Obama administration and Main Stream Media are trying to convince people otherwise, over 8 million jobs have disappeared since Obama took office, our taxes have gone up, his stimulus was a dismal failure, gas it on the rise again, unemployment is on the rise, I believe over 200 thousand just filed new claims, if you are not receiving and unemployment check, you are not counted as out of work in their percentages they keep posting, 8 million jobs have been discontinued. 25% of the younger age people can not find work at all. We need to downsize the federal government, slice all the wages and start the projects for our own energy consumption and the jobs it will create, we need to lower taxes on the people. Everything is being taxed, now they are saying Obamacare is going to cost the average family 20 grand a year, how are people going to pay this new tax? How are we all going to pay for it? Obama is ruining this country, him and his dictator federal department heads. America needs a change for the people, no MORE GOVERNMENT.

  • Stratorfina

    seems FAKE!

  • yasmin

    me and my family were one inch away as well michelle i fell for u

  • yasmin

    i wish u a better life for u and your kids michelee say aman AMAN!!!!



  • Eric Nightraven

    You’re just experiences what psychologists refer to as “Online disinhibition”.

    It’s something that happens when people use the internet. They become distant from their own personalities since they are not seen or have to be seen as themselves. They can put on a mask.

    Then, opinions are stated easier, because there’s no worry of physical confrontation on the web 🙂 So people experience this “Disinhibition” and start to state things they wouldn’t in person or in public.

  • Eric Nightraven

    “I’m not looking for a handout, I’m looking for a hand up”.

    Being homeless teaches you many things. I know personally as I was homeless for 4 years with my father from age 14-18. And I can definitely say it taught me many MANY things. I quickly went from a troubled 14 year old, to a wise and strong willed young man, and it wasn’t my choice. But just like they say, we did what we had to to survive. It’s not a way to live, but sadly, the only alternative is to lay down and die. I have actually considered that before when I was in that situation and nearing the breaking point, but let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it sounds to lay down and die…..

    But, god blessed me. I was 18 and homeless when I took it upon myself to enter a GED program at a local community college. The very same day I received my GED certificate, my long lost cousin contacted me and I got into contact with my mother who I had never known since I was barely 2 years old. I quickly moved out of the mission I was staying at and moved down to live with my mother, and my father went to Ohio to live with his sister.

    Soon after I finally had a steady place to live, I enrolled in community college.

    It’s been 2 years and I am 20 years old, almost 21. I have already completed 51 credits, and am 1 semester away from obtaining my AA degree for Geospatial Technologies.

    So yes, you can get out. But it’s not just “finding a job” or “getting to work” that gets you out of homelessness, it’s not “hard work” and fuckin “determination”. It is definitely blessing.

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  • Chloé Brunelle

    It’s really sad to see that a mother and her kids can’t have a home nowadays. I din’t understand why they are not helped by the government.
    I really hope that the situation will improve for them because they diserve it. I hope for Michelle that she will be treated and for her kids that they will have a best future.

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