Everyone Wins when Dog Haus Helps Ascencia Winter Shelterh

Many of you that already follow me know I am big on EVERYONE working as a team to help end homelessness.  When nonprofits and brands connect to work together on a cause the power of impact multiplies. Often we see big brands running cause campaigns and that’s awesome, yet small and medium businesses can also help their local communities. Everyone wins when we share resources to help our hurting neighbors.

The Dog Haus, a gourmet hot dog restaurant with locations in Pasadena and Alhambra, first reached out to me when I was looking to have a Christmas Eve meal catered for the winter shelter.  I was more looking for a traditional meal for the holiday and the folks behind the Dog Haus understood that. We kept in contact knowing that there would be another opportunity that would fit better. Well, last week, to help celebrate National Chili Day, Dog Haus brought chili dogs with all the fixins to the Ascencia Winter Shelter.

I have to tell you the meal and the event was amazing. Everyone was happy – everyone! It’s impossible to please 100 people but there was not one complaint. In fact, the next day, because the Dog Haus left enough for a second meal, everyone ate chili dogs instead of the normal food that was delivered!

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