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Once again it’s time for me to make a make changes to my online presence. When I started, the goal was to pick up some consulting work to get out of a horrible job.  I worked for an employer that created the most horrible toxic work environment. Freedom of thought or speech was actually punished. 3856257792_4c482f05ab_oIt was hell! I only bring this up because my early posts reflect my trying to be free in a world where freedom was not allowed. The blog kind of was a mesh between marketing and whatever madness was going on in my head that day. There was really no direction to the blog until I started Invisible People and started writing about homelessness.

Back then the thinking was that Invisible People would just be homeless stories and Hardly Normal would be anything and everything else.  At the time it made sense, but I started to look at the numbers and the future direction Invisible People is headed, and I realized I was sending traffic in two different directions. Even a bad marketer will tell you that’s kind of dumb, so I set on a quest of trying to merge the two.

Thanks to the amazing help from Raul Colon we were able to add a second blog to Invisible People and important all the homeless related posts off of Hardly Normal. This wasn’t an easy job. Raul worked hard to make it happen. Right now everything is good enough to go live, but there are some small ‘issues’ still being worked out.

Invisible People will continue to feature all the wonderful people I meet that are still experiencing homelessness, but now all the other great content created about homelessness will be right in the same spot. As far as the Hardly Normal site, since a lot of people have linked to posts, I figured I’d still leave all the homeless related posts up, but all new homeless related content will be on As many of you know, I became unemployed a few weeks ago. It’s actually a good thing. Given time and resources, my thinking is to transition into a resource for digital storytelling. But first I still have to create the We Are Visible community I have been trying to build for a few years!

If you’re reading this post because you subscribe to Hardly Normal’s RSS feed click here  to subscribe to Invisible People’s RSS feed.

Some amazing things will be happening this year! Thanks everyone for your love and support.






  • Best wishes on the changes Mark!

  • Milt Bulian

    Hey, Mark! As of Monday, April 15, I will be jobless too! We’re seeking God with you for His direction and trusting He will supply all our needs through His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Hang in there, brother! He’s comin’!

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