BIG NEWS! The first screening of @home will be at NAEH Conference

4913947545_ff89cdc830_bI’m excited to announce that Kindling Group has partnered with National Alliance to End Homelessness to host the very first public screening of @home at this year’s National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington DC, July 22nd from 8pm – 10 pm.

During the 2010 Invisible People Road Trip, Kindling Group’s camera crew rode along helping to highlight my work using social media to fight homeless and to help tell the story of homelessness in America. The film itself is only the first part of a transmedia campaign Kindling Group is hoping to launch in 2014. @home campaign will use film, social media, and a smartphone game alongside with community outreach to help local homeless services fight homelessness.

Space is limited for the screening. If you’d like to RSVP or for any questions please email Laura Wilson at: laura.wilson [at] kindlinggroup [dot] org. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, you better hurry. 

The following is a playlist of preview clips from the movie. The first clip is the trailer, the second clip is on veteran homelessness, the third clip is on housing fist, and so on:

  • Sandy Woodsmall

    How do you do this day after day? I can only watch so much and it starts to tear up my heart. I can’t do much, but I try to raise awareness whenever I can. During Homeless Awareness (Oct. 10th), I stay behind my church for 5-7 days in a pop up camper, the only luxury being an indoor toilet. People donate money to a nearby homeless shelter, but so much more needs to be done!

  • Carol Kindt

    Please get out on the streets and interview the people who aren’t being helped. My sister says San Francisco has become really a hard place for homeless people, and she is one, so she should know. It’s great to have public events and pop media events, but really it’s about getting more stable housing grants and workable solutions so that people aren’t spending their whole month’s SSI checks, as my sister is, paying for hostels when she is kicked out of the shelters for staying beyond their timelines. When you can’t eat or afford medical care of transit because everything is going towards temporary housing, that needs to be talked about as much as the fun stuff.

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