Families Are Still Downsizing: Interview with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

Homeless Youth In 2009, the first stop on my very first road trip, thanks to an introduction made by National Safe Place, was at Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. It just seems almost perfect that my first stop, on my very first road trip to help fight youth homelessness, was also Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

In 2009 Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth was located in a store front in a little strip mall. Words cannot express how happy I was to see the new William Fry Drop-In Center. These days, I am seeing so many homeless services close their doors due to lack of funds, especially since need for help is growing. It was really awesome to see NPHY with a new facility.

During my first visit I learned about “families downsizing” during a live stream interview. That was new to me and I really could not grasp the term so I asked them to repeat. Nevada was one of the hardest hit by the economic crisis. Families were moving from three-bedroom homes to small apartments and kicking out their oldest kids. I wrote about it on Huffington Post. In this interview I asked Vincent Pollard, Outreach Coordinator for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, if families were still downsizing. His response will mess you up!

Please watch and share this important interview, and please support Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. They list their immediate needs right on their home page.

Very special thanks to Virgin Mobile and Sevenly for genuinely caring about homeless youth.

photo by: K. Kendall

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