Lexsis breaks my heart. This adorable young woman has been hardened by the system and homelessness. Only 19, Lexsis has grown up most of her life on the streets. I met Lexsis in Denver, Colorado. […]


Lexsis breaks my heart. This adorable young woman has been hardened by the system and homelessness. Only 19, Lexsis has grown up most of her life on the streets.

I met Lexsis in Denver, Colorado. She says every day is a struggle for food and safe place to sleep. Lexsis says people should look at homeless youth through their eyes, that they are not after money but acceptance and security.

Lexsis went into foster care as a little girl. When I asked how many placements she responded “57”. That number seemed a little high to me so I asked a social worker who specializes in youth and was told high numbers of placements like that are not uncommon. How can any child grow up normal when they are being tossed around the system like that?!!

The night before this interview Lexsis slept in a park and says someone poured water on her while she was sleeping!

Only 19, Lexsis has been hardened by the system and homelessness. Click To Tweet

Very special thanks to Sox Place.

This Invisible People road trip is made possible by  Sevenly and Virgin Mobile USA, who are partnering to end youth homelessness through Virgin Mobile USA’s initiative, RE*Generation. For more information please click here.

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  • Diane Price

    So sad

  • Helen Ramaglia

    Dearest Lexsis – I too was foster. I finally overcame trauma at 46 while fighting for the resources for my two foster adopted boys. (I have two grown kids as well) I never realized trauma controlled my life, I thought I was just extremely quiet and painfully shy. Not too afraid to speak and scared of trusting people. But today I have found my success story. I wrote a book “From Foster to Fabulous – One little girl’s journey through abuse, foster care aging out and life beyond.” At 35 years old I was on my knees begging God to help me put my life back together. Two weeks later I found a book, “The Best Questions Ever” by Andy Stanley and it gave me a formula for making good decisions. IT CHANGED my life! Everyone pointed their fingers at me and told me what I was doing wrong. No one told me what I was doing right or HOW to make a good decisions. At 38 I purged all of the bad stuff from my memory banks and set out to replace all of the bad with good. Today Lexsis – Today I am proud to say Helen is a former foster child who lived a life of constant trauma and despair. She is a foster adoptive parent, the Author of “From Foster to Fabulous” and the founder of “Fostering SuperStars”, a non-profit for foster children. She is a Congressional Award Winner, a Points of Light Award Honoree and is a current Woman of Worth Award Nominee. She is a national speaker, trainer, and advocate for foster children. Helen has written many compelling articles for “The Chronicle of Social Change”, and is a much sought after Child Welfare Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Helen and her husband lives in Georgia and have four children. What I am trying to say Lexsis – You too have a success story inside of you. Please email me through my website and I would love to send you a copy of my book and a small journal I have created for foster children. “My Foster Success Journal”, it guides you to finding YOUR success story and the tools to reach it. I would love for you to send my your greatest pain so I can write it on a rock with your name, age and number of placements. I plant the rocks under the weeping willow in my backyard. I call it the “Garden of Pain” and I wrote a poem for it. Hundreds of foster voices live under that tree. I visit them everyday and think about, or pray about their pain. I hope I hear from you sweet lady. I would also like to send you a postcard set of the “Garden of Pain”. http://www.fromfostertofabulous.com/the-journey.html

  • Boris

    It’s all about you, isn’t it?

  • ;iiojo


  • ;iiojo

    feel sorry for u so much xxxxxxxx

  • Chris

    Got a job for you at an animal shelter in Florida if you want it, it pays and offers you shelter

  • Romane Tuso

    she is very strong, her story touch me because she lives in the street since 16 years old and it’s my age. Her wishes touch me too, she thinks for everyone, she is a generous person

  • Deedee

    Did anything come of this?

  • Bri

    Man, I can so relate. Every day is a struggle. I’m still in the stupid system, and thing’s ain’t lookin to bright for me. But I also know myself better than all of that. I’m a fighter by nature, and if I set my mind to surviving, than I will. We are going to make it.
    God Bless, and KEEP ON FIGHTING

  • Bri

    Man, I can relate. I am still in the stupid system, and it sucks. All I really want is a family, you know? But I know my self better than all that. I am a fighter by nature. If I set my mind to it, I can get it done. So, right now, my mind is set on surviving. Please don’t pass by this.
    God Bless and KEEP ON FIGHTING

  • Leonardo Miranda Collantes

    Where is she now?

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