Donna’s story is a perfect example of why we need to listen to our homeless friends. Donna is homeless in Ottawa, Canada. She has serious health issues, yet manages to travel over 7 kilometers every […]


Donna’s story is a perfect example of why we need to listen to our homeless friends. Donna is homeless in Ottawa, Canada. She has serious health issues, yet manages to travel over 7 kilometers every day with her boyfriend collecting cans to raise money to eat, and to fix her RV to get off the streets.

One thing I have learned, is people often connect to geographic locations and that’s where they want to live. Donna was raised in the Maritimes,  a region of Eastern Canada. Her and her boyfriend ended up in Ontario because that’s where their RV broke down and they could also get health benefits. As you’ll see in this video, Donna pretty much only had one wish: to get back home to look after her mom’s grave.

Here’s the issue: services in Ottawa will never house Donna simply because she doesn’t want to live here. In her mind, although it’s been some time, she is just passing through. The other challenge is there is no grant funding to help Donna with the repairs on her RV, even though it’s not that much money.

This type situation is what is often called “gaps in the safety net”, but I think it’s really because we don’t listen or use common sense. To me, it’s pretty simple – help Donna and her boyfriend get their RV fixed and get to the Maritimes = two really happy people who….now wait for it…ARE NO LONGER HOMELESS!

We did this before you may remember. Thanks to all of you we helped a disabled veteran get his RV out of impound.

Local Salvation Army told me it’d be around $500cdn and a few tanks of gas to get Donna’s RV repaired and out of the lot (were they are being charged daily) and back to the Maritimes. We are guessing around $800cdn will do it. Ottawa Salvation Army has graciously offered to facilitate logistics if we raise the funds. That means they’ll make sure the RV gets fixed the Donna gets off safely, and they’ll make sure they are connected on the other end of this journey.

Here is the link to our donate page or you can find the link in top menu. If 8 people give $100 each it’s done. If 16 people give $50 each game over. If just 32 of you give $25 we can help make Donna’s wish come true and get an elderly homeless woman out of the cold. Please give generously and let’s make this happen for Donna.

Donna is homeless in Ottawa, Canada. She has serious health issues. Click To Tweet

UPDATE: Last night, THANKS TO YOUR BIG HEARTS, we raised $834 to help Donna make her wish come true. The money will be given to the Ottawa Salvation Army, who will help Donna make sure the RV get’s fixed and they get on the road.  THANK YOU EVERYONE! You messed me up (in a good way)

 UPDATE TWO: Watch this video with Donna and Terry in their RV saying thanks!

 Very special thanks to Ottawa Salvation Army and Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

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  • You were right, I could barely sleep following Donna’s story on Tumblr and Twitter. Such wonderful news!

  • Jane

    In my opinion canadians come first. Massive immigration is the reason for all this homelessness because the locals are not taken care of when immigrants come and get pushed to the front of the housing list for subsidized housing.

  • Jane

    Now Canada is in a housing crisis thanks to massive uncontrolled immigration for no reason at all but to indebt the nation!

  • Jane

    Saint John New Brunswick is the poorest city in Canada that has been neglected due to massive immigration into Ontario and special treatment in the millions of dollars every year to keep quebec happy! This is so unfair. The welfare rates are the lowest in canada. Its very hard to find a doctor. There are no subsidized daycare. There is no provincial medical plan for prescription drugs, this is why alot leave for ontario where at least the healthcare is better and welfare is a bit more…..

  • Maggie

    But, that is not the problem here “Jane” the government would help her if she wanted to live in Ottawa. But guess what! SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LIVE THERE!!

  • chloe

    I get so angry at school because in English we are reading a book about homeless people. Some boys in my class say it would be “cool” to be homeless because you can “do anything they want” which makes me so mad because they will probably never have to face the problems this woman has/is facing right now. And it’s shocking.

  • David Icke

    The greatest form of control is where you think you’re free when you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars but you think you’re free

    What the human race is suffering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders, politicians, teachers, lecturers. We are in a country and in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people. The chasm between what we’re told is going on and what is really going on is absolutely enormous

  • David Icke


  • Anne

    Cock sucking muther fucker

  • RDBA

    Dear Donna,
    I could never imagine being homeless for 17 years, that’s such a long time. I pray that your health gets better and you heal very quickly. Living with it cancer, a broken hip and still managing to walk 7 kilometers everyday is incredible. It says a lot for you and shows how strong of a woman you are. Keep going and don’t give up. One day you wont have to collect cans anymore to raise money for your RV and food ; you’ll be warm with a place to live and watching out for your mom’s grave.

  • KT JS JM

    This was a very touching story. She was dealt a bad hand with no family to call on and the system seemingly against her. Warm hearted strangers made something so simple happen and granted their simple wish. It is enraging to think that two people can be severely neglected by the system over something so simple. The hardships she had to endure are an eye opener. People have become too accustomed to the good life and complain too much about bad things happening while living so comfortably. It makes me rethink my attitude about life. I’m hopeful that there are more good people out there willing to give and help a simple cause that needed a simple solution.

  • KO

    I am so glad that after 17 years of homelessness, you were able to fix your RV and go back home. I hope all is well and that your life continues to get better in the future.

  • deep

    It was a very sad store. 17 years is a long time:(. She is a very strong women, and i hope the best for her and other homeless people, they should get more help from the goverment, the goverment have money to spend on things that isnt imporntant then on the human rase is fuckt up.!

  • Elodie Lardeur

    She has been so brave to live in the street for 17 years and never give up. It’s wonderful she could have fixed her RV and go back home. I wish her and her boyfriend so much happiness ! These donations made her wishes come true and if everyone could do the same, so many homeless would have a home.

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