Amazing Look thru Google Glass of a Tent City in Rural America

20131122_113225_485 Carmen Guidi, from Second Wind Cottages, was nice enough to give me a tour of one of this countries most infamous tent cities. Known as The Jungle, this tent community, now almost vacated, is in Ithaca, New York.

As seen through the lens of Google Glass, join us as Carmen shares about the history of the place and some of the people who lived and died here, along with the frustration of working with the system trying to get people badly-needed help.

The video is only 13 minutes long, and if you don’t have that much time, you can watch a 2 minute preview clip by clicking here.



Special thanks to the Syracuse Rescue Mission
  • cat007

    Good job

  • Tim Smith

    I don’t need to see what they film, I have lived it. And it takes a desire and inner strength to get out of it.

  • a2phil

    I like what the guy said about the people that pass out the Bible tracts (I’ll bet you I’ve read so many of them over the last 10 odd years that I’ve got them all memorized) but the problem I have with them is they keep coming back!!! Not that they REMEMBER you from last Sunday….or get you anything you REALLY need, like food, clothes, a place to live, you know, the things you need to SURVIVE in subfreezing weather…

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