Imagine the weather being 20 or 30 below, yet you’d rather sleep outside than go into the shelter system. Well, that’s a very real reality for many Canadian’s I meet that are sleeping rough. I […]


Imagine the weather being 20 or 30 below, yet you’d rather sleep outside than go into the shelter system. Well, that’s a very real reality for many Canadian’s I meet that are sleeping rough.

I met Joe in Ottawa, Canada. He has been homeless for a few years, and says he won’t go into shelters because he doesn’t feel safe.

After Joe lost his income, and then his apartment, sleeping outside became his only choice.

Joe has been homeless for a few years, won't go into shelters because he doesn't feel safe. Click To Tweet
Very special thanks to Ottawa Salvation Army and Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

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  • a2phil

    I try not to stay in the shelters because I don’t want to be converted to some form of Christianity…at least what passes for “Christianity” in this country…

  • conect2u

    What an indictment of modern social morals that we choose to leave populations homeless when it is unnecessary.

  • Sarah Morrigan

    One thing Joe did not mention is the fact that most shelters are overcrowded and overheated, making it a great place for spreading viruses of all sorts. People get flu and common colds very easily in shelter environment, as well as more serious illnesses. Although most shelters require their clients to undergo TB screening, it is not fool-proof, either.

  • a2phil

    Not to mention bedbugs… 🙁

  • a2phil

    Land of the Greed, and Home of the Enslaved since 1776!!!

  • Sarah Morrigan

    and scabies, body lice, strep throat….

  • a3phil

    you mean 1867

  • a2phil

    Pneumonia, which (I think) I have now…don’t know, because I can’t afford to go to the “free” clinic here ($3 to see a REAL doctor instead of a “nurse practitioner” I call her the “witch doctor”) and even if I COULD afford that, where do I get the money for the prescriptions I’ll need????


    The shelters in Baltimore all have a religious focus. Oh yes to sleep in a Baltimore Shelter you MUST EMBRACE JESUS or else. They have you reciting “Memory Verses” from the Bible. They have you bowing your head in prayer which is fine when you are a believer but, everyone must believe else you are kicked out.

    God forbid if I were ever homeless the one place I’d stay away from is the missions. When I was young I knew a homeless dude who lived in a transformer vault. He loved it because the electrical transformers kept the place toasty warm with a dry heat. If magnetic radiation kills he should be dead because; if you take a florescent tube into his vault it lights as if it were connected/ The magnetic fields excites the electrons in the gas contained in the tube light is result.

    If you want to hear a truly sad story about life on the streets I suggest a book called Homeless: An American Story. The ending is pretty tragic but real. The storyteller does not die but still this was one of the hardest life lessons I ever learned from any book.

  • a2phil

    Sounds like all the shelters I’ve been to…even the “non-denominational” ones…

    Now if these people who SAY they follow Jesus (or whichever “Higher Power” they believe in) would do the things HE would, WITHOUT regard to what religion, color or sexual orientation you are, or if you’re a subservient female or not, or how much money you have, the world would be A LOT better place to live in!!!

    And people wonder why I’m an atheist….

  • a2phil

    We’ve been screwing over the blacks and Native Indians here since the 1600’s…and that’s just the start….

  • RKCE

    Dear Joe,we are glad that your able to survive homless. I know times get hard but theirs always a blessing in the storm and we’re glad that people are always there to support you.There are times you maybe want to give up but you cant have a testimony with out a test.I hope that things get better for you because you seem like a very nice person.I wish the best for you and i hope that your life gets better.

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