Tiny House Communities: a Solution to Homelessness

P1000504Carmen Guidi has an incredibly huge heart  As he showed me around Second Wind Cottages, and told the stories of the men who will soon call the place home, it became clear that Carmen is one of the most humble and caring men I have ever met.

Carmen donated the land and started building small cottages in rural Upstate NY after one of his homeless friends committed suicide. Later in the day, Carmen took me on a short tour of the tent community where his friend and several others died. After experiencing first hand how broken homeless services system is, Carmen just decided to take action, and soon 18 people will have a small cottage to call home.

I really love this model of creating small communities for our homeless friends. My friend Alan Graham, a personal hero of mine, likes to call his “Community First.” Homeless people have also created tiny house communities, and maybe my favorite is Dignity Village in Portland, and someone posted on Facebook a link to tiny house community for normal people.

With lack of affordable housing increasing and homelessness increasing, I think tiny house communities are brilliant. If you’d like to learn more about Carmen’s Second Wind Cottages click here: http://secondwindcottages.org. There are only a few days left on their IndieGoGo campaign so if you’d like to help click here.¬†




Special thanks to the Syracuse Rescue Mission
  • mama betty

    . there’s a great date for something like that in Raleigh North Carolina also… I am homeless lady who had been living in my van almost 9 years now.. my husband was a Korean War vet was married to him almost 30 yearsalmost when he die by law i am eligible for VA benefits as a widow of a veteran.. but they tell me that I cant get my would have been if its true them because I get too much so cial security mone. yes I get more social security than a lot of people does because of the fact of what he made as a worker and what I made.. but it is not enough to pay rent and utilities and food… yes I see a need for small housing in Raleigh North Carolina maybe one with the vitamin C

  • mimilissy

    There’s some really nice places in the Carolinas to live where you can live for a whole lot less than Raleigh.

  • falltwice

    These are even smaller, perfect for one single person.

  • Able Disabled

    GOOD project! be nice to have accessible too and raised garden beds and covered patios for extra living space and safer neighbor interaction.. I could see small accessible and 1 or 2 for aides for a group.

  • DrMMcLaughlin

    love these cottages for housing my disabled, chronically homeless
    contacts. Contact me if you’d like to work on a similar project with me
    in Auburn, NY. The key to housing them successfully is humane,
    professional, patient and compassionate administration coupled with
    intensive medical and other supportive services.

  • OurPaperLouisville

    Love the houses. Wish I could be there tonight for the informational meeting. I publish a new homeless street newspaper in Louisville, KY and we just did a story on tiny houses in Madison, Austin and Toronto to highlight a good potential use for city-owned abandoned property. Send me an address and I’m mail you a copy. Keep up the good work. Bob Millard [email protected]

  • Ana

    This is fantastic!!! I just found your site through another blog and wanted to tell you about tiny houses, which seem like a solution to homelessness. There’s so much waste in the US and so many sorts of materials that go to waste could be reused to build tiny houses.

    Best wishes from an American in the Netherlands!

  • Sam G

    I just finished a great book on these type of communities called Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages… definitely worth checking out if you’re into this idea!

  • Toni Probst

    Homeless Veteran family, here to help and serve, God bless. He is preparing us, calling us on a mission to report to the church. We are currently located in Va, but abel to come help and serve if need be. Shalom.

  • Sherry Rubel

    “A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul
    the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole
    community the virtue of each one is living. – Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D

  • Grady Guntharp

    My heart goes out to the hundreds that live under bridges, by the rivers, in conditions that most would never consider. I am trusting the Lord for funds to build hundreds of small one room efficiencies. Please send me your drawings of the plans and pictures, please. [email protected]

  • Elizabeth Kirkley Best

    Ii love what you are doing. You show the personal resolve and ingenuity that solves real problems and saves and recues lives. You also have upped the bar by showing that simple houses do not have to be teensy tiny but practical;restoring dignity to life and living. Blessings,blessings to you.

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