It’s not Housing First or shelters. It’s Housing First AND shelters!

yogi2We have a problem. A very serious problem that is getting worse. A problem that we created! A problem that is polarizing homeless services in communities when we ALL need to be working together to end homelessness. The problem is that the only conversation these days is Housing First, and people who have given their lives to setup and run shelters feel left out and offended. Because of this, the Housing First folks are creating their own opposition.

I get it. I do. When I first heard about Housing First I considered Housing First a miracle sent to us from the heavens. Housing First is the new shinny tool in our arsenal for fighting homelessness. It makes sense, and now that we have a few years of data to look at – Housing First is a proven method that helps save lives and taxpayer money. For a little while I was all about Housing First, and the fact that I lived in a shelter based program for over 7 years just reinforced my new-found love of the Housing First model.

Then a colleague opened my eyes to how shelters are needed to help create a system to get people off the streets into housing! In fact, shelters may be the most important first step of support, assessment and then placement.

It’s not Housing First or shelters. It’s Housing First AND shelters!

I have been working with homeless services for some time now and with a fair bit of traveling – I have yet to see anyone go directly from the streets into housing that would be defined as Housing First. There is normally a transitional (yup, I know “transitional” is a bad word these days) component of some kind while housing that actually fits the client is being found. I must stress that finding the right housing is extremely important. I have seen people placed in the wrong situations simply because it was the available opening, and that never ends good!

The other reason shelters are so very important is data shows that the majority of people experiencing homelessness do so temporally. Either from natural disasters or economic crisis or relationship problems, a large percentage of homeless people will not be needing services that long. Housing First works for the chronic homeless person, but for the people who are only in the state of homelessness for a short time – we still need shelters!

Michael McConnell once said to me: “we have a lot of pillars and no systems”, which is spot on. For us to end homelessness we need everyone to work together. That also means we all have to change.

Let’s be real: most shelters are horrible places, and there are a lot of agencies claiming they do Housing First but are just throwing people into apartments without the needed support services! Shelters need to be a place that provide people with dignity. Housing First agencies should not be placing people into housing unless the placement is a good fit, the apartment is actually furnished like a home should be, and most importantly – provide the client with services and tangible social interaction.

At the last NAEH conference this growing division of Housing First and shelters really became evident. The conversation by the people attending was all exclusive and not inclusive. I talked to a few people who run shelters and they were emotionally hurt.

My suggestion to the Housing First supporters is to include shelters in the conversation. By excluding shelters we are creating our own enemy. My suggestion to the shelter folks is to keep an open mind and to be willing to change from a one-stop model to a community based system that quickly gets people out of homelessness. In this short video I interview Jenny Niklaus, CEO of EHC LifeBuilders, a leading provider of services and shelter beds in Santa Clara County, about how they repositioned their shelter model to support Housing First.

  • Ron Crockett Sr.

    🙂 Amen. Happy New Years!!!!!!!!! And keep up the good works 🙂 Have a Bless Day 🙂

  • KeithBender

    What the word “Housing” means is maybe the problem. Shelter is as appropriate a word as Housing if both contain the element of STABILITY which is in our social structure a prerequisite to Safety,Happiness, Property and Privacy.

    Without a set of Definitions (free from funding restraints) to utilize in any discussion we become subject to Political Spin from many sources. Innocent Ignorance to Pre meditated malfeasance.

    At $300. per sq.Ft. around Wash. DC ,Shelter is questioned in just how it will degrade the adjacent neighborhoods Value . While $100. per sq. ft. in Rural North Carolina is a new Mansion price. The 60 year old frame dwellings and $5,000. small Town lots with water and sewer available divide the economic differences pretty simply. That’s just part of the “Definition”. Or should I say “Definitions” we encounter without a pre set agreement on meanings.

    Some sort of REFUGE Status applies to anyone Homeless for whatever reason. The Human Rights Definition of DISABILITY in Fairfax,Va. easily qualifies anyone Homeless as being Disabled but Funding guidelines somehow become the Master of Ceremony .

    At any time over the last 30 years a Tent City could have been erected as the first STAGE of reHousing anyone Homeless. So the symptoms of a broken system will always be present as long as the Root Cause is neglected. Government has repeatedly proven it’s Job is not to End Homelessness (face the results) when it has all along ignored it’s duty which is to PREVENT HOMELESSNESS.

    If we don’t shut the gate people will keep falling out.

  • jd

    It is not just one pixel that is the problem we have to zoom out to see the big picture that reveals a predatory system perpetuated by the corporate corruption of our government. If entry level wages equated to the living cost in our states of residence, which should be on a mandatory sliding scale that insures no more than 30% of ones full time income is required for housing cost, that solves a primary portion of the problem. No one should experience the fear of not “qualifying” for housing which is a human right, this respect should go for all living things as a natural living right to habitat for adequate survival, which for the evolution of humanity means housing which should be done efficiently and sustainably with respect for the other living beings we share this planet with. Another pixel in the big picture that is at the root of the problem perpetuating poverty and homelessness is job security, “just cause laws” that require a valid reason for termination from employment are present in other developed nations but absent in America and replaced by an “at will law” which refers to the military term “fire at will”. This government or lack there of has harnessed and weaponized stress. It is near impossible to have stability when one has to continually start over which is extremely stressful and leads to addictions and serious medical conditions where a predatory medical system is waiting in ambush and prescribe their poison prescriptions to take us even further down the rabbit hole to no return. The system is designed to be predatory to control the mortality rate through intentional pit falls and neglect which insures an abundance of cheap labor that preys on the young and ignorant and culls the old and weak unless you can buy a buffer. It does not have to be this way. We can abandon capitalism which is fatally flawed when you have limited resources and growing consumption, and adopt an ethically logical system founded on universal inclusion of all the basics like housing, healthcare, accountability, education, employment, and transparency, which will establish trust and respect instead of resentment and fear. This should be done with a focus of priority on efficiency, sustainability, and responsible reproduction so our species can coexist with each other and the other living creatures that share our natural resources without destroying the natural ecosystems that are foundation to the survival and quality of life on earth. Einstein had two quotes I remember clearly, “peace can only last between equals” and “peace can only be achieved through understanding, not force”.

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