Emily and her children

Emily and her husband live in a hotel near St Louis with their 4 kids and another one on the way.  When we walked in Emily  was giving her son a “time out” by sending […]

Emily and her children

Emily and her husband live in a hotel near St Louis with their 4 kids and another one on the way.  When we walked in Emily  was giving her son a “time out” by sending him to the bathroom. There is no other room.  There is no privacy. My heart broke while visiting with Emily and her children. You can feel the nonstop stress this young mother must experience.

Emily’s husband lost his job. They then bounced around family until their car broke down and they ended up at this hotel. That was almost a year ago.

Living in weekly rate hotels often becomes a trap. It’s $1,000 a month to live there, which is often just most people’s paycheck. Emily’s husband is now back working and they have been lucky enough to save up some money, yet with an eviction on their record – finding a house or apartment to rent can be challenging.

Emily and her husband live in a hotel near St Louis with their 4 kids. This is family homelessness. Click To Tweet
Special thanks to Paul Kruse.

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  • Julie

    Sad . Wish I could help her family. I am homeless living in hotel too. May God bless her family. Praying for them.

  • Sophie Reeves

    I think Emily must be going through a lot of stress and will be having a hard time
    If people can find this to sad to even read, then why don’t they just meet up with her and explain what has happened in the past and what she hopes she will go through in the future. I’m not homeless, but I know it doesn’t matter if your homeless, it’s what makes you, and I’m sure that Emily is going through so much stress she can’t even think of being calm. I hope that Emily, her husband and her 4 kids will have a better future some how. I wish her all the best and god bless. xxx

  • Sophie Reeves

    I agree with you

  • WorriedSick

    Having been unemployed now for a year – husband with health issues, I can completely understand what Emily and her family are going through. Unfortunately there are many more stories out there ( many similar ) I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of our society as well as our government who allows this to continue and more often then not supports the large corporations rather than ‘We the people’ – our politicians are now run by the 1% to the detriment of the 99% who have become their slaves. There IS NO work with decent pay to be had nor is there much for us to fall back on in times of need as we are now ‘the forgotten generation’ – expendable. Sad but true

  • Maëlys. R

    The story of Emily and her family affected a lot me. I hope that the family will take out there, and she will live the life about which she dreams. Keep hope !!!

  • Julie.M

    the story of emily affected lot to me. She has a lot of courage to live it all. I hope that in the future she will have her own home and everything will be fine for her and her family.

  • Benjamin

    Emily’s story is sad but she never surrends and it’s very motivant for the future.

  • Mélissa.M

    Her Story is very sad, she is brave and i hope that the situation Will be best, i whish her a lot of brave!

  • Leah

    The family has been homeless for almost a year yet they have another baby on the way, a pregnancy that happened since they have been homeless. I sympathize but I do think that the parents should consider not having any more children until their living situation becomes stable. Finding a place to live is hard because of the size of their family. Unless they are looking at 3 or 4 bedroom rentals, a landlord would rather rent a 2 bdm. dwelling to a family with one or two children.

  • Rosemary Judycki Becerra

    I think it is in bad taste to comment on her pregnancy. She is a married woman, and she and her husband obviously love each other because they are weathering this storm together, ad I think their sex life is private, homeless or otherwise. People had babies during the depression era, and those times were much harder on poor people. I will bet it was not a planned baby, and not everyone is in a hurry to abort their children. Have some compassion, as so many people these days are in similar straits.

  • Mark Brown

    I wish her the best

  • Shanti Shaharazade Texeira

    are there updates to these stories???? sending them love and light. what more can i do?????? i hope we’re remember to ADD light.. with our words and comments to LIFT the famly, being a part of the CHANGE and not the oppression that got them into this. sat nam tribe.

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