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The night I met Scott, he was making a bedding out of cardboard in a doorway. He says he has been sleeping rough in Central London for 6 weeks now. Scott lost everything in a matter of days. Nowhere to live. No Money. His clothes. Everything!

The night I met Scott, he was making a bedding out of cardboard in a doorway. Click To Tweet


Special thanks to St Mungo’s Broadway and Mencap

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  • M

    Wow, what a personality!!

  • Eva et Apolline

    This video was very interesting, Scott seems to be someone optimistic and enthusiastic. I hope his wish was fulfilled and his family saw this video. I realised thanks to this story that everybody can end up on the street. He is brave and he manages to keep his personnality and dignity ! Congratulations boy !

  • Justine

    Scott is very courageous, he lost everything however he success to keep his smile.
    He doesn’t receive any help but he continues to hope and wants to find a job.
    I hope for him a good future.It is a very respectable person.

  • Clement

    Scott is a courageous man . He speak of his situation with the smile .

    He is determined for find a social life , that is , in other words , a job and develop a family .
    A good example of courage !

  • Jeanette Johnson

    That’s terrible Scott.u just dnt know the extent ov how bad things r till u watch something like this bless so glad we got u back home xx

  • LoriA

    Two very famous homeless people: Buddha and Jesus Christ.

  • Marie Lemaire

    Scott’s story just completly breaks my heart. Despite his situation he seems to be optimistic. I hope – with all my heart – he will get what he wants. I wish him the best for the future. You’re absolutely brave guy!

  • kim chaffee

    Ask a social service department for case management, in order to obtain support. Go to a employment agency and have them help you out with resume writing Find the homeless link called Gateway House on 8 milverton st @ London for assistance. 44 20 7840 4430

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