A few months back I logged onto Facebook and was greeted by a smiling homeless woman’s selfie in front of a tent holding up a cup of coffee. It was captioned “good morning.” Today, I […]


A few months back I logged onto Facebook and was greeted by a smiling homeless woman’s selfie in front of a tent holding up a cup of coffee. It was captioned “good morning.” Today, I met Manda at her homeless encampment where she made me a cup of coffee!

Most of the time I meet homeless people in person on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Then we often connect online and become friends. Manda and I became friends online first. I got to know her a little before seeing how she survives homelessness. I am having a hard time processing it all. Lots of emotions both good and bad right now!

Manda is an amazing woman. She is disabled from severe brain trauma, yet because she is high functioning, she falls through the gaps in the safety net. I have been working with her trying to help find a path out of homelessness, but the walls bureaucracy are impossible to break through.

For all the people that believe homeless people are lazy, I wish they could just spend an hour in Manda’s shoes! She works hard to keep her tent camp clean. She works hard getting to treatment and therapy. She works hard every single day trying to survive. And she works extremely hard to stay positive while facing the madness of homelessness each and every day!

We must get Manda out from under that bridge into housing. Because of her health and being a woman out on the streets, she is extremely vulnerable living outside. If you are connected to social services in Seattle or know anyone that is, please reach out to them and forward Manda’s story. I have talked to her social worker. Her health issues are severe, and we need to get this woman inside!

Manda vlogs on her Facebook page you can find here.

If you’d like to help support her directly this is her GoFundMe page.

You can also find Manda on Twitter.

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  • Adel Alhodithi

    Hi i need to help Manda but how ? I am far far away

  • Dave Seriously just dave

    I give homeless women and underage teens pepper spray, You can buy this brand (worth the money) on amazon prime so they will not get raped as frequently.

  • william clinebell

    So I live in Cincinnati. Two room apartment and she can have a room. Its not much but she can have it rent free for as long as she needs it. Just shoot me an email.

  • nrnf

    Manda is looking for housing in Issaquah. Any recommendations?

  • Will

    I don’t. I don’t know anyone out west. I’m sorry. My prayers will be with her.

  • Steve Dupere

    Here is her GoFundMe page. I donated as well.

  • Emilio J Garcia

    Thank you very much Will!!! You are an angel. I thank you from my heart. Someone please contact her and Will and put them in contact.

  • Cheraphina Edwards

    I became homeless this pass July an illegal stealing of our home by corruption of bank and mtg of their fake legal team that has us paying $912. a month, July 26st the sheriff team came to arrest and destroy Craig Coyner lll, I step up to the action of their destruction of him. I asked they’d put him in medical away from the general population, cause the last time he was in Deschuttes County Jail, the Presiding Judge had him raped three times and his mental and physical state of mind was shot-out, the poor man had gave up on Life after Patty Coyner his wife passed away. I’m his only caring FamilyFriend, I kept him alive due to his depression and suicide and not being able to care for himself. Well that day I had been out in our backyard caring for my trurtle and toads and kitties and rooster, I heard men out front I didn’t know they stocked Craig Coyner the Former Mayor and City Commisioner and Former Criminal Defense Attorney of over 30,000 Client he cared for each and everyone of them witha 93% win record, he was ganged up on by our sheriff dept as the hid awaiting Craig from the east and west of his street on Watson 1653, awaiting for the mail ist office delivery , the beat him and then hand cuffed him. They later asked if anyone else was receding at the address ? I said ” No. Not knowing they would do a sneak attack on me too. I went back to gardening, and I felt The Holy Spirit lean on me to call my friend Jennifer Harrison to come over, she did we planned to eave to the Social Security Office, just as soon as we started to leave my homeless friend Steven Lonien the Founder of Opal Springs H20 to go, pulled up on his bicycle broken in severe pain he had to weekly ride from the desert of miles away from Bend, Oregon I felt his need for food and rest as we went inside I prepared food Jennifer was Fasting in prayer, Steve Lonien and I ate I cleaned up our dishes and suddenly Jennifer said there is a stranger coming into the yard, the angrily called for me . Obviously upset cause the had a door slammer object to bust down the door to beat me down to ! My testimony praise God is He knew their plan to hurt me and destroy me physically it’s their fortay. I only had 20 minutes to get out, luckily one sheriff gave me a little more time cause I had kittens, snakes and turtle and toads, and I was render homesless due to illegal corruption of Central Oregon and Sun Trust Bank and Nation Star, and the presiding judge who hates Craig Coyner lll whom should of legally reqused herself, and the fake Law Firm Dunn Wright Legal of Nevada, who stolded monies from us through Bank of America. I came to a commune of a friend and now take care of a broken man whom needs my CareGiving skills I cook I clean I keep the house warm with firerwood and I drive my pickup truck for the homeowner he’s disabed.
    Craig Coyner from July 26st 2017 spent 23 days in the Deschuttes County Jail and when I and his cousin Char Kolsow called to pick him up we asked is there anything Craig should do ? They said ” No”. We lived all summer in my pickup truck on the very beautiful Deschuttes River near Mt. Bachelor, luckily Sandi Cashin from California called for us to stay with her in Motel 6, we paid a over amount of money and that ran us dry cashless, that when I walked to the commune, I did not want Craig to die on my watch, presently Craig Coyner was wrongly arrested again cause the man involved of the illegal purchase of Craigs home Jason Mendell and his Reality Lawyer are at it again with the unjust judges here, to take his $ 300,000 dollar Equity of his land and home scince 1974. He needs help Craig is a highly honored Veteran of Oregon but who does one turn to on this Earth ?

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