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homeless at birth

Homeless at Birth: A Look at the Healthy Parents Healthy Babies Report

Texas Rents and Homeless Shelters

With Rents Rising Fast, Texas Homeless Shelters See More Families Seeking Help

Mobile Homes

As Rents Skyrocket for Manufactured Homes, So Does Risk of Homelessness

housing is a human right

Housing Affordability Becomes a Primary Concern as Rents Skyrocket Nationwide

eviction notice

Rents and Evictions Tragically Spike in Metro Vancouver 

rising rents

Rising Rents Threaten Housing Security for Millions of Americans

homeless children

System Separates Homeless Children from Their Parents

2024 Sacramento Regional Point in Time Count

Sacramento Homelessness Decreases 29%: Can We Trust Their Point-In-Time Count?

Sanderson Apartments_Colorado permanent housing options

Colorado Expands Permanent Housing Options for Formerly Unsheltered Homeless People

restrictive zoning laws hinder development of affordable housing

Restrictive Zoning Laws Exacerbate the Housing Shortage Crisis in D.C.

public bathrooms

Adding Public Bathrooms in NYC is a Small Step in the Right Direction

Social workers help homeless families

What Happens When Social Workers Handle Homelessness Instead of the Police?

Reducing Homelessness with successful strategies

Washington County, Oregon Experts Share a Proven Strategy for Reducing Homelessness

homelessness grows as solutions stall

Criminalization of Homelessness Grows as Solutions Stall

millennials, Gen Z

Millennials and Gen Z Are Three Times As Likely to Fear Homelessness

London rental rates impacting low-income earners

Sad but Not Surprising: Rising Rental Rates in London Hit Poor People Hardest

rise in million-dollar neighborhoods

The Rise of the Million-Dollar Neighborhood and the Death of the Middle Class

Homeless woman on the sidewalk in Miami