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Barnabas and Asia with their three children

Imagine raising a family in a small confined space with one child having cerebral palsy. Add to that little to no income. I honestly can’t even begin to understand how this family still smiles after […]


Lanette is a homeless veteran living in her car in Inglewood. When she got out of the military, Lanette returned to Compton to reconnect with her family. The structure that Lanette learned in the military […]


Dayna lives in a tent in Los Angeles. She says she was evicted illegally, which is happening all too often anymore. Danya is 65 years old. I love how even though she is homeless she […]


Miranda is homeless in West Los Angeles. She says she has pneumonia from living outdoors. It’s cold at night, and this winter L.A. County has received a record amount of rain. Miranda has to carry […]


Tamara was sitting on a bench with a group of homeless people. As I was walking up to introduce myself, I saw Tamara with a big mischevious smile on her face playfully hitting the person […]


Samuel is homeless in Los Angeles. What caught my attention is Samuel had laid out a bunch of rocks and plants creating a zen garden next to his tent. Samuel is educated, intelligent and he […]


It breaks my heart that a kind and gentle man like Johnny lives on the streets of Los Angeles homeless. Johnny moved to L.A. over 30 years ago. He has been homeless for over 5 […]


Thomas lives in a homeless shelter with his wife and four daughters. This is the first time they been in this situation. After a bad slumlord situation last April, the family ended up couch surfing […]


While I was interviewing Jossalyn, I looked over and saw a homeless man on a bicycle in the alley patiently waiting for me to finish. Morris just happened to be riding by and stopped because […]


Jossalyn has lived on the streets of Los Angeles for 15 years. She sleeps any place that’s safe. Jossalyn can’t afford to pay for rent in Los Angeles with the income she gets. Jossalyn survives […]


I was handing out Hanes socks to a woman next to Justin when he speaks up and asks me for socks stating he’s also on the streets! “I may be the part, but I don’t […]


I was walking down a back street in Hollywood and ran into a small group of men and women setting up their tents for the night.Cushan and I started to talk. He was telling me […]


Jana slept on the sidewalk in Los Angeles last night. She has been homeless a little over three months now. Jana’s husband of twenty-two years was shot and killed. She was the housewife and shortly […]

Tera and her son Ramin

Tera and her children have lived without a home in Los Angeles for the last three years. When they first became homeless, the family stayed with whoever would let them. “Couch surfing” is never easy. […]


“It was bad during the war, and it’s bad now,” says Leonardo, a Vietnam veteran talking about living homeless in Los Angeles. Leonardo says he was once in VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) housing, but […]


Robert worked all of his life. When he reached sixty-two, he had to retire on only partial Social Security. Robert received the full amount at sixty-five. He’s now sixty-eight and living on the streets of […]


Tiffany lives in a tent in Encino, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. This time, she says she has been homeless for six months but Tiffany has been on and […]

Vote Yes on Prop HHH to Save Los Angeles.

Beverly prepared for her photo shoot. She freshened up her face, made sure her hair was in place pinning it back with accessories. After roughly a half-hour, she was ready for the camera. Sounds like […]


Kevin shares about being homeless in Los Angeles when it rains! Kevin’s three wishes: housing, clothing, food! Angelenos can help end homelessness this March 7th. Vote YES on Measure H to help end homelessness for […]


Luke is a Vietnam combat veteran who has lived homeless in Los Angeles for a little over 7 months now. After a recent major surgery, he was not able to work or pay rent. Luke […]
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