Amethyst: A Scientist Among Homeless Neighbors


After spending a few days with The Family, it was time to find out where I fit regarding earning money on the Boardwalk. Of course, I could play my guitar and sing so I went to Amethyst for help. He had his own set-up next to Deuce with his huge battery-powered amp, Blue-Tooth phone with a huge music collection, his guitar, and several microphones, which he passed out to the people walking by. He would play Karaoke on his amp. Or he would just jam using a track recorder, which recorded snippets of musical bars repeated on top of each other.

He welcomed me in because he saw I had much more experience than he and could play just about anything he suggested. We would take turns singing or harmonize with each other while he played lead and I backed up everything with my rhythm chords. Nate, another boardwalk homeless resident who lived north of Wavecrest Street, would join us. He carried around two snares and a bass drum as he rolled up on his skateboard from time to time. The three of us would rake in pretty good money.

One slow day, I began asking questions because I wanted to learn more about Amethyst. He had a huge vocabulary and I wondered if he was a writer or possibly a teacher. What he told me was fascinating. It also expanded my understanding of the people living homeless on Venice Beach.

Amethyst was a scientist and he’d worked on 5G for a technological company in Atlanta, Ga. He quit because he realized the dangers of 5G. When he went to his employers requesting they put the brakes on rolling out 5G so quickly to the masses, they didn’t want to hear it. So, he quit.

Warning: 5G is Coming

He lost his home, his wife and his child because no one understood his point of view and his decision to leave it all. He couldn’t make them believe the dangers, which are so obvious and ignored due to greed. Because of his belief, he chose to exit from society and find a way to warn people as well as live off the grid, as he put it. He started pursuing music after living on the beach for a few months. It was a way to earn the basics for food and his membership at a health club, which provided for his showers and sometimes overnight stays.

He revealed that the wireless industry will be arming lampposts and utility poles throughout the world with microwave antennas. They will be responsible for beaming hazardous radiation into our homes and businesses. Space-based communications systems, aka satellites, more than 20,000 of them, are scheduled to be launched in the next two years, and they will cover the rest of the globe. Every inch of the planet will become sufficiently irradiated by 2022.

People will become ill in huge numbers. Already they have proven that symptoms like loud ringing in the ears, intense headaches, unbearable earaches, insomnia, chest pains, and fatigue occur. Imagine if these symptoms become prevalent among masses of people. Hospitals and doctors will be inundated with patients. All for the sake of the “Internet of Things” as he called it. Driverless cars, smart cities, artificial intelligence, video streaming, and more.

Freedom Was Worth the Risk of Homelessness

Amethyst shared he never felt so free living on the beach. The pressures of his previous life, 10 to 12-hour days, 7 days a week sometimes. Maintaining his lifestyle among the wealthy and privileged, ignoring the needs of everyday people. He said he felt confined and chained up by his job, his family and friends – even by the pressures he placed upon himself. Here on Venice Beach, he was open to meeting people from all walks of life. Those same people cared about him and this world. He would never go back accept to visit his son.

He knows the sacrifice he made in the eyes of his family, but he treasures his freedom and the love in his heart for his fellow man much more than even he realized. His decision to break free was the best one he’d made in a long time. He plans to find his way into the music field probably in production, and he has no regrets. Although he’s worried about 5G and its effects on the world, the only thing he can do about it is to spread the word. He’s still trying to figure out how to do that through music, possibly through writing. But he realizes the urgency, which he tried to convey to me. The more people who resist 5G, the better.

Allison Whitfield

Allison C. Whitfield


Allison Cherise Whitfield, author of "the Shelter of the Shade Tree", writes from an inside point of view. Having experienced homelessness in San Jose, CA, Venice Beach, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Atlanta, GA, she is an advocate in the fight against homelessness. At this time, she is living in a homeless shelter in Atlanta, GA.

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