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Cynthia Griffith

Cynthia Griffith


Cynthia Griffith is a freelance writer dedicated to social justice and environmental issues.

Black males face increased risks of homelessness due to Racism and Misandry

Racism Plus Misandry Equals Homelessness

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How Police Actions Fuel Homelessness Crisis

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Another Homeless Man Senselessly Murdered in Florida

Affordable Housing contributes to thriving communities and overall well-being

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true cause of homelessness is lack of affordable housing

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Rental Protections and tenants rights

Denver Democrats Vie to Bring Back Pandemic-Era Rental Protections

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Affordable Housing Denied: Georgia’s Expensive Preference for Foster Care

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Fueling the Flames of Anti-Homeless Propaganda

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What Happens to Homeless People When the Winter Weather Thaws?

Fact-checking as homelessness increases

Why Fact-Checking is Important When It Comes to Homelessness News

Singles Tax cost of living alone is too expensive

Pathways Into Homelessness: The Singles Tax

UK Rising Rents Housing affordability driving homelessness

UK’s Housing Affordability Crisis Drives Surge in Homelessness

Beth Sandor discusses upcoming Supreme Court Grants Pass case

Housing and Legal Experts Weigh in on Johnson vs Grants Pass Case

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Why Template Legislation is a Terrible Political Play for Homelessness

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Veteran Homelessness Ticks Back Up After Years of Progress

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Freezing to Death: Homeless Bodies Found Frozen Across America


How Misinformation Hurts Homeless People and Housed People Too

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Homeless Women in the UK Are Likely to Die Before Their 43rd Birthday