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Homeless Loki

Homeless Loki


Homeless Loki is a disabled homeless person also on the autism spectrum currently homeless in upstate New York

Finland Helsinki Streets

Can the U.S. Learn from Finland? Unraveling the Housing Crisis

my van my lifeline

Fighting for My Van, My Lifeline, My Home

Dread And Reflection - a New Year of Homelessness

Dread and Reflection: Homelessness in the Face of a New Year

Longing for pet companionship

The Heartbreaking Quest for Pet Companionship in a World of Housing Insecurity

holidays alone, homelessness

From Joyful Holiday Memories to the Reality of Homelessness – One Person’s Journey

homelessness and happiness don't mix

Happiness and Homelessness Don’t Mix

Homelessness and the Unstable Path to Retirement

Shifting Sands: Homelessness and the Unstable Path to Retirement

Homelessness is instability

Homelessness Means Instability

homeless nightmare

There Is No Escape from this Homeless Nightmare

memories in storage

Memories of My Housed Life Stolen by Vandals

poverty is lucrative for wealthy people

Poverty Makes Wealthy People More Rich

replaced and displaced by artificial intelligence

A Future Where People Are Replaced and Displaced by Artificial Intelligence

Trauma of the first night homeless and impact on mental health

What Impact Does Homelessness Have on Mental Health?

housing options and terminology for homeless people

Homeless Woman Weighs in on Housing Terminology

floods and fires lead to homelessness

How Floods, Fires, and Other Disasters Impact Homeless People

criminalizing homelessness

There’s No Way to Justify Criminalizing Homelessness

Internet Trolls

Don’t Feed Trolls, Especially When it Comes to Homelessness

hostile architecture, can't even sit for free

Nothing Is Free, Especially for Homeless People