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Homeless Loki

Homeless Loki


Homeless Loki is a disabled homeless person also on the autism spectrum currently homeless in upstate New York

no compassion for homeless people

Compassion for Homeless People Is in Very Short Supply


Life Gets Very Complicated if You Are Homeless, Disabled and Living in a Vehicle

Care for your neighbors

Care Package Lifts Homeless Woman’s Spirits

2021 looks bleak

2021 Looks as Bleak as Ever From a Homeless Disabled Person’s Point of View

homeless elderly man in winter

2020 Rings Like a Dicken’s Novel for Homeless People

Times Square

The Impact of Gentrification on Poor and Homeless People


Suicide and Homelessness: A Call for Understanding and Compassion

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Homeless Writer Mourns Her Friend, Shares Her Story

drawing by fifth grade Loki

You’re Not an Addict … How Did You End Up Homeless?

homeless woman

You Have Special Needs? Sorry but Beggars Cannot be Choosers

black death

From Black Death to COVID-19: Risk Remains the Same for Homeless People

Disabled homeless person sleeps on the street

Lack of Housing for Disabled Homeless People Is Worse Than You Think

Sick person lying on ground

I Wouldn’t Wish Being Sick While Homeless on Anyone

grand central station

Visual Perceptions: ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Homeless’