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Jocelyn Figueroa


Jocelyn Figueroa studied Creative Non-Fiction at The New School and is a blogger and freelance writer based out of New York City. Formerly homeless, she launched her own blog discussing shelter life in New York City. Today, Jocelyn is on a mission to build connections through storytelling and creative writing. Check out her book about homelessness at

Speaking up for homeless people has consequences

Speaking Up For Homeless People Has Consequences 

Asylum seekers walking in front of temporary migrant shelter tent in NYC

The Harsh Reality of NYC’s Migrant Shelter Dilemma

Homeless Shelter

Unveiling Corruption: The Dark Reality of Homeless Shelter Contracts

donations distributed outside a migrant shelter in Chicago

Chicago’s Migrant Dilemma: Navigating Shelter Limits and Backlash

Boston Lawmakers

Boston Lawmakers Grapple With Migrant Housing Limits

American Dream poverty and homelessness

Those Seeking the American Dream Find Poverty and Homelessness

Homeless Children live in a tent camp near downtown Denver

Children Sleeping Outside in Denver: The Alarming Face of the Homelessness Surge

NYC Shelter System Fails in Wake of Migrant Crisis

NYC Shelter System Fails in Wake of Migrant Crisis

supporting homeless people hunger

How Hunger is Weaponized and Samaritans are Criminalized

street medicine

From Abandonment to Healing: The Trust-Building Power of Street Medicine

Harm reduction saves lives

Harm Reduction Facilities Save Lives

criminalizing homelessness

Criminalizing Homelessness Only Makes Homelessness Worse

Skid row

Life on Skid Row Series Shows the Reality of Homelessness

connecting people to homeless services

The Challenge of Connecting Homeless People with Homeless Services

NYC eerily quiet during COVID

Homelessness Is Increasing Two Years After Covid

solving Homelessness

Solving Homelessness Benefits Everyone

We can solve homelessness

We Can Solve Homelessness. We Just Have to Choose To

journalists must give homeless people a voice

To Solve Homelessness, We Need More Journalism That Gives Homeless People a Voice