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John Heinz

John Heinz


John Heinz is a masters level social worker, educator and writer who helps businesses to remember the communities they serve.

college costs and homelessness

College Costs Creating Student Homelessness Across US

lynne and marc benioff

Billionaires Donate $30 Million to Fund Homeless Research Project

Rural homeless

Uncovering Hidden Homelessness in Rural America

Seattle is dying

‘Seattle is Dying’ Ignites Controversy and Fuels Transformation

public health crisis

California Facing Unprecedented Public Health Crisis as a Result of Inadequate Response to Homelessness

Homlessness Is a Systemic Problem

Homelessness Is a Systemic Problem, not a Lifestyle Choice

Photo ID

ID Cards Make a Monumental Difference to Homeless People

criminalizing homeless

Criminalizing Homeless People Is Not the Solution

homeless shelters

Homeless Shelters Offer Vital Lifeline to Working Poor


Opposition Grows Against Proposed Solutions for Homelessness

Chicago Hospitals Begin to Offer Permanent Housing Solutions

Chicago Hospitals Begin to Offer Permanent Housing Solutions

Homelessness Disrupts Education

Family Homelessness Disrupts Education