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Kayla Robbins


Kayla Robbins is a freelance writer who works with big-hearted brands and businesses. When she's not working, she enjoys knitting socks, rolling d20s, and binging episodes of The Great British Bake Off.

housing homeless people helps everyone

Housing Homeless People Helps Everyone

Portland Daytime Camping Ban

Portland Passes Daytime Camping Ban

criminalizing homelessness by banning soap at Showers

Criminalizing Homelessness: Florida Town Tries to Ban Soap

vehicular homelessness

Vehicular Homelessness Is Rising Rapidly

community freedge

Community Fridges, AKA Freedges, Can Bridge Gaps for Unhoused People

government systems and paperwork

Government Systems Are Impossible to Navigate on Purpose

homelessness targeted in Fresno with new ordinance

Fresno is Treating Unhoused People Like Sex Offenders

Mayor Adams

Mayor Adams’ Stigmatization of Homelessness Has a Growing Body Count

Filming homeless people without their consent

Filming Homeless People Without Their Consent Is Creepy

Evictions Are Violence, eviction

Portland Gears Up to Vote on Eviction Representation for All

bus drivers key to helping homeless students

Bus Drivers Hold the Key to Identifying and Assisting Homeless Students

Autonomy and Homelessness

Autonomy: The Missing Piece In Too Many Homelessness Initiatives

homeless people and the importance of time management

Time Management Skills Are Crucial for Homeless People

hostile architecture and homeless people

Public Areas Are Cruelly Designed to Repel Homeless People

Autism and Homelessness

On the Spectrum: Homelessness and Autism

tourism in Hawaii and the impact on affordable housing and homelessness

Tourism Is Hard on Hawaii’s Housing Market and More

Involuntary Treatment Doesn't Stop Homelessness

Psychologists Say Involuntary Treatment Doesn’t Stop Homelessness

homeless Veteran

San Diego Decides to End Veteran Homelessness