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Micah Bertoli

Micah Bertoli


Micah Bertoli is a Medical Laboratory Technologist and freelance writer. He is passionate about volunteer work, spending much time helping displaced people settle into their new environments.

homelessness in Edmonton October 2020

Edmonton’s 10-Week Plan to End Homelessness

Khaleel Seivwright builds a tiny shelter

Toronto Carpenter Builds Tiny Shelters to Protect Homeless People

Foster Care youth

From Foster Care to Homelessness: How the Aging Out Process Affects Youth


Homeless Shelter on Amazon’s Campus Aims to Help Families, But Is It Enough?

vacant abandoned home

Lack of Affordable Housing Leads Homeless Families to Seek Shelter in Vacant Philadephia Homes

Santa Barbara landscape

Grand Jury Reports Reprimand Santa Barbara for Neglecting Homeless Residents

LGBTQ Rights

HUD Ruling Attempts to Dismantle Protections for Transgender People Experiencing Homelessness

a homeless veteran sits on the street with a sign

Dramatic Rise in Veteran Homelessness Expected Post-COVID-19

jessica lewis 8T lK9FkzyI unsplash

Student Homelessness Gets a Failing Grade

homeless woman

Coronavirus Disproportionately Impacts Homeless People

hidden homelessness exposed

Coronavirus, Social Distancing Create Pressures that Expose ‘Hidden Homelessness’

helping during covid

Despite Coronavirus, Groups Are Helping Homeless People Rather Than Hiding

Talking with a social worker

Edmonton’s Housing First Sets Sights on Ending Chronic Homelessness by 2022


Homelessness Advocacy Groups Taking Toronto to Court Over COVID-19 Response

a homeless man sleeps on a NYC subway bench during Coronavirus

New York City’s Subway Closes for COVID-19 ‘Disinfection’ Ousting Homeless People

woman sits at bus stop

Homeward Bound Programs Fall Short of Helping Homeless People

word collage of depressed man

Tackling Homelessness From a Psychological Standpoint

homeless person cowering

Louisiana Murders Are Sobering Reminder of Prevailing Violence Against Homeless People