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TJ Johnston

TJ Johnston


San Francisco-based journalist. Work appears in Street Sheet, Street Spirit, as well as other publications. Homelessness is a human interest and human rights issue.

Moscone Center

Exit Strategy for Moscone Residents: Housing or Back to Shelter?

San Francisco

San Francisco: Proposition C Carries the Day in Court

Police and homeless person

Police Commission Advises San Francisco not to Turn to Cops on Homelessness

street sheet

Vendors, Writers Fight Homelessness with Street Sheet

homeless people

Without ID, It’s Hard for Homeless People to Prove Themselves

anti panhandling campaign

Anti-Panhandling Campaigns Hurt Homeless People


Waiting for Shelter: A Homeless Man’s Perspective

San Francisco Homeless People

Advocates Try to Reclaim Property of San Francisco Homeless People

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What Surprised Me About San Francisco’s Homeless Count – Or Not