Help Celebrate My Sober Birthday on Aug 24th by Donating $24 to End Homelessness
Amber posts two videos in response to YouTube comments
If you feel the urge to give money and you feel safe, then it’s perfectly fine. Giving Money to Homeless People Is Okay
c3 team on skid row C3 Is Proof LA County Can End Homelessness
mark horvath homeless I Believe Los Angeles Can End Homelessness
Homelessness Is Our Tragedy
injured homeless man in park Who Do We Call When a Homeless Person Needs help?
Support Prop HHH To End Chronic Homelessness In L.A.
homeless woman getting ready for photo Vote Yes on Prop HHH to Save Los Angeles.
Homelessness Is a Symptom of Racism: Interview with Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program Is Saving Lives!
TEDx Syracuse University Mark Horvath Smartphone & Social Media: A Solution to Combat Homelessness | TEDxSyracuseUniversity
It’s Our Fault People Stay on the Streets
Lanny Tribute: Good-bye Lanny. Thank You for Changing My Life
It’s Not “Wet Housing”. It’s Just Housing.
Seattle’s Tent City 3: Using Tent Cities to Fill a Gap in Services.
CSH’s Community Activists Speak Up!
Cities, Stations and Times for March’s PBS Broadcast of @home
Help Fight Homelessness by Hosting a @home Viewing Event
Over 900,000 Homeless Kids Are Invisible to HUD. We Can Change That!
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