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Canadian Homelessness

Insufficient Income is the Leading Cause of Homelessness in Canada

Los Angeles Homeless Woman Lost Her Legs to Frostbite


hearing loss and hearing aids

Listen Up: Homelessness and Hearing Impairment

NYC homelessness

The Price of Profit in NYC is a 136% Jump in Homeless Deaths

makeshift homeless shelter in NYC

New York’s Homeless Shelter System Needs to Be ‘Redesigned’

refugees fleeing Ukraine

With Toronto’s Shelter System Deemed More Dangerous than the Streets, Where Will Homeless War-Fleeing Refugees Go?

Echo Park Lake Homeless Encampment cleanup

Advocates Say LA’s Response to Homelessness is Furthering Widespread Displacement


The Tenderloin Suffers Under Another Inhumane Crackdown

homeless man in austin


Rural Canadian homelessness

People Swarm the Streets of Rural Canada with No Safe Place to Go

opioid overdose epidemic

Boston Study Shows Overdose Accounts for 25% of Homeless Deaths

toronto death toll rising among homeless shelter residents

Toronto Homeless Shelter Death Toll Continues to Escalate at a Rate of 125%

Disabled Homeless Mom

Cori and her daughter

Homeless Man Stranded for Five Years after Losing His ID


Homeless Youth

Youth Homelessness Surges in Canada

Inside America's First Safe Drug Consumption Site

Inside America’s First Safe Drug Consumption Site

single use cup fee in Vancouver

Single-Use Cup Fee is Hurting Homeless People in Vancouver

Aurora Village opens doors to homeless people

Popular Canadian Tourist Destination Is Now Housing Homeless People