Homeless woman and her sister sleep on Hollywood Blvd


Chris and his pregnant wife are sleeping rough in Central London


Patrick and his wife went from a 4 bedroom house to living in their van homeless


Possibly the most unique homeless story I have ever come across

Bill and Tree

Elderly homeless woman is 69 years old and sleeping outside in San Jose


Robert and Elizabeth are homeless in San Francisco

Robert and Elizabeth

Kimberly has been homeless since 7 when her father murdered her mother for being a heroin addict


Charlie and Michelle are homeless in San Diego. Interviewed wearing Google Glass

Charlie and Michelle

They call it a hotel but its an insane asylum Fuji says about the Baldwin Hotel in San Francisco


los angeles homeless

Edward and Anita

David lost his job because of the economy and is now homeless in Minneapolis


Maria and Neville are sleeping rough in London. Her wheelchair and her medications were stolen

Maria and Neville

Katie and Paul are homeless sleeping rough. A love story from the streets of London

Katie and Paul

Marek and Danuta are from Poland and homeless in London

Marek and Danuta

Nikki and Scott are homeless on Skid Row. Their feet are blistered from walking

Nikki and Scott

Young homeless girl is a college student flying a sign in Pasadena


Pregnant homeless girl shares what I day is like living in a tent city


angie and matt

Angie and Matt