Portland Daytime Camping Ban

Portland Passes Daytime Camping Ban

criminalizing homelessness

There’s No Way to Justify Criminalizing Homelessness

criminalizing homelessness by banning soap at Showers

Criminalizing Homelessness: Florida Town Tries to Ban Soap

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Martin v. boise

Martin v. Boise Survives a Legal Challenge and Upsets Conservatives 

Why do cities respond to homelessness with criminalization and punitive measures

Why Do Cities Respond to Homelessness with Criminalization? 

homelessness and the homeless industrial complex

A Look at Life through the Prison of Homelessness

homelessness targeted in Fresno with new ordinance

Fresno is Treating Unhoused People Like Sex Offenders

Jordan Neely homelessness criminalization

Criminalization Experts Weigh in On the Death of Jordan Neely

Mayor Adams

Mayor Adams’ Stigmatization of Homelessness Has a Growing Body Count

David Peery discusses Capitalism and how it impacts homelessness

Homelessness Is Capitalism Working as Intended


Advocates say Phoenix Broke the Law by Sweeping ‘The Zone’

Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Vancouver Removes Unhoused People Through Forced Encampment Sweeps

homeless encampment where officials criminalize homelessness

Successful Solutions that Do Not Criminalize Homelessness

homeless sweeps and criminalization will cause more homeless deaths

Study Shows Criminalization Could Lead to 25% More Homeless Deaths

homeless sweeps are on the rise

Homeless Sweeps on the Rise: More Politicians Opt to Criminalize Homelessness

Republicans plan to address homelessness

Republicans Push for the Most Expensive and Least Effective Approach to Homelessness: Criminalization

MTA Criminalizes Homelessness

MTA Criminalizes Homelessness with $50 Fine for Sitting Too Long

Criminalizing homeless people for existing

Arrested for Existing While Homeless