criminalizing homelessness in Missouri

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Criminalize Homelessness


Homeless Criminalization is Unconstitutional

camping as a felony

Tennessee Moves to Make Camping on Public Land a Felony

camping ban for homeless people

Seattle Suburb Institutes a Camping Ban Without Having Local Shelter Options

sweeps in Fresno

Officials Sweep Encampment Sweeps ‘Under the Rug’ in Fresno

criminalization of homelessness tennessee

Tennessee Lawmakers Vote to Criminalize Homelessness

Redondo Beach Homeless Court

The Homeless Court That Won’t Send You to Jail

Los Angeles Homeless Woman Lost Her Legs to Frostbite


criminalizing homelessness

Making Homelessness Illegal Doesn’t Make It Go Away

Reduce street homelessness

Georgia’s ‘Reducing Street Homelessness Act’ is About Criminalizing Homelessness

Echo Park Lake Homeless Encampment cleanup

Advocates Say LA’s Response to Homelessness is Furthering Widespread Displacement

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Groundbreaking New Study Finds No Correlation between Growth of Homeless Encampments and Increase of Crime

on the road with no way home

Posing as Travelers, Blending in with No Way Home

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NYC Mayor Plans to Sweep the Subways to Remove Homeless People

No Sweeps

How Sweeps Endanger Homeless People’s Health

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New COVID Guidelines Issued to Keep Homeless People Safe

Super Bowl Homeless Sweeps Displace Homeless Woman in Los Angeles


Disabled Man Arrested for Being Homeless in Las Vegas - TWICE