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homeless woman

Coronavirus Disproportionately Impacts Homeless People

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Respite Care Programs for Homeless People Are Crucial During COVID-19

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Tackling Homelessness From a Psychological Standpoint

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Healthcare Workers Evicted by ‘Concerned’ Landlords

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CARES Act Allocates $12 Billion for Homelessness and Housing Relief

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How to Safely Help Homeless People During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Staying Home Slows the Coronavirus, But What If You’re Homeless?

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Coronavirus Looms as Utah Shelter Struggles to Provide Working Sinks for Homeless People

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Homeless People Are Gravely Vulnerable to Coronavirus

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Housing Homeless People Helps Prevent Infectious Diseases


LA’s Housing Program Is Actually Saving Money

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Is Good Health Unobtainable for Poor and Homeless People?

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Should Money Be Prescribed to Cure Homelessness?


Diabetes Hits the Homeless Community Hard

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Canada’s Homeless People Need Better Access to Dental Care

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Street Medicine Brings Healthcare to Homeless People

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High Quality Healthcare Remains Inaccessible for Vancouver’s Homeless Population

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Homelessness, Illness, and Giving a Damn: Stories and Facts