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Abortion Access

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Remembering Shay, My Homeless Friend

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Van Life Is Not an Adventure When You’re Homeless


Homelessness Documentary Mislabels Substance Abuse as Number One Cause, Condemns Housing First

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Lifetime of Abuse Leads to Homelessness

Mental Illness

Improving Mental Health Systems Could Help Curb Homelessness

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Thoughts on Tiny Homes for Homeless People

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How Twitter Takeover Could Impact Homeless People, Part 2

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How Twitter Takeover Could Impact Homeless People, Part 1

I am not Catastrophizing. I am surviving homelessness

I’m Not Catastrophizing. I’m Surviving Homelessness

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When You Live Unhoused on the Road

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Living in a Vehicle Is Not Fun When You Have No Options

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Kindness and Dignity Help Homeless People More Than Infantilizing Them

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An Education Does Not Prevent Homelessness

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Why Can’t Homeless People Turn to Family?

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Foster Youth Lack the Support and Resources Needed to Avoid Homelessness

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Does the Millionaire Homeless Project on YouTube Falsely Represent Homelessness?