Lived Experience

Finland Helsinki Streets

Can the U.S. Learn from Finland? Unraveling the Housing Crisis

supporting homeless people hunger

How Hunger is Weaponized and Samaritans are Criminalized

my van my lifeline

Fighting for My Van, My Lifeline, My Home

street medicine

From Abandonment to Healing: The Trust-Building Power of Street Medicine

Dread And Reflection - a New Year of Homelessness

Dread and Reflection: Homelessness in the Face of a New Year

Harm reduction saves lives

Harm Reduction Facilities Save Lives

Longing for pet companionship

The Heartbreaking Quest for Pet Companionship in a World of Housing Insecurity

criminalizing homelessness

Criminalizing Homelessness Only Makes Homelessness Worse

Skid row

Life on Skid Row Series Shows the Reality of Homelessness

holidays alone, homelessness

From Joyful Holiday Memories to the Reality of Homelessness – One Person’s Journey

connecting people to homeless services

The Challenge of Connecting Homeless People with Homeless Services

homelessness and happiness don't mix

Happiness and Homelessness Don’t Mix

NYC eerily quiet during COVID

Homelessness Is Increasing Two Years After Covid

Homelessness and the Unstable Path to Retirement

Shifting Sands: Homelessness and the Unstable Path to Retirement

Homelessness is instability

Homelessness Means Instability

solving Homelessness

Solving Homelessness Benefits Everyone

homeless nightmare

There Is No Escape from this Homeless Nightmare

We can solve homelessness

We Can Solve Homelessness. We Just Have to Choose To