Single Parent

Tina and Shealynn live in a van homeless because they cannot find an affordable apartment

Tina and Shealynn

Laura timed out from a homeless shelter after 90 days and now lives in a tent with her children



Michelle and kids

Monica and her children are homeless. Near the end of this video they all sing to me

Monica and family

Mike and his 6 year old daughter Taylor live in a homeless shelter

Taylor and Mike

Homeless mom and her two daughters live in a van near Seattle


I met LaQuisha and her daughter at a rotating homeless shelter near Detroit


Powerful Story of a Homeless Family with 5 Kids Living in a Weekly Rate Hotel

Jean and her children



Homeless Woman Lives in a Car With Her 19 year old Son

Jody and Phillip

Dawns mom just dropped her and her grandchild at a rotating homeless shelter near Detriot

Dawn and Ryle



Lori and Savanna

Lori and Savanna

Homeless Mother and Her Young Daughter Living in a Homeless Shelter

Cecilia and Juliana