College Students Learn about Homelessness by Handing out Socks.

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I strongly believe that young adults are our best chance of ending homelessness. Today’s youth genuinely care about their community, and they want to take tangible action to affect positive change. That’s why when a design class from Otis College as me to speak last week I suggested that the join me on Venice Beach to hand out socks to homeless people.

I love giving sock tours to people, but I’ll admit this one I was a little scared because there were so many college students in the class. One thing I have learned is large crowds can be intimidating. We started off with a small group advance team, but the homeless people we met on Venice Beach were so generous and wonderful the students took off with bags of Hanes socks all on this own to make new friends.

I love that Otis College of Art and Design has a Creative Action Integrated Learning program. Invisible People has always tried to target young adults, and with our new online portal for young adults to learn about homelessness soon to launch, we hope to expand in-person learning experiences as we did in Venice Beach.

How to Give Socks to Homeless People.

In full disclosure, Hanes occasionally hires me as a consultant and Hanes donates socks to Invisible People, but I am not being compensated for this video in any way. Hanes is the best sock for you to buy to give to homeless people. I want homeless people to have socks. I want them to have quality socks, so that’s why I recommend Hanes.

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